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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Ryro, Dec 8, 2018.

  1. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Brought to you by popular demand (or at least a strong recommendation by @Curtisimo)
    downloadfile-7.gif your favorite CT moment, thread or coin (that's not your own. You ego maniac. You thought this thread was about you. Don't you?)

    To show the ropes I'll post all 3...

    Moment: When I inadvertently stumbled into this place as the result of some random/lucky Google search.

    Thread: As stated before, my fav has got to be @TIF's looks like thread

    Coin: Not so easy to say. It could be @dougsmit's recently shown Pertinax Junior and Flavia Titiana Alexandrian tet (a Coin Wild winds doesn't even have an example of!). Or @TIF's show stopping avatar tet. Or anything posted by @AncientJoe. Such as this...Sicilian Heracles tet:
    SICILY. Kamarina. Ca. 425-405 BC. AR tetradrachm (26mm, 17.18 gm, 12h). Athena driving racing quadriga left; the quadriga with a broad, S-curved antyx (rim); Nike flying right above holding wreath to crown driver, heron flying left in exergue / καμαριναιον, bearded head of mature Heracles left, wearing skin of Nemean lion. Westermark-Jenkins 142 (same dies). Rizzo plate V, 9 (same dies). SNG-ANS 1203. SNG-Cop 162. Pozzi 398. Gulbenkian 174. With a powerful head of the Heracles in the finest style.

    So, if you like the place, tell us about it!
    And if you don't, then you stink!! Get outta here you!!!

    Jk. Nobody that loves ancients could not LOVE this place...well, there was that one lady who's departure was an epic fail. Is it too late to change my favorite moment;)
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  3. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    Great idea for a thread! As mentioned in your recent Coiniversary thread, one of my favorites is this thread started by @arnoldoe:

    Arnoldoe played it perfectly straight and as @Ryro noted, "It had everything. Intrigue, lies, deception, a foil and even some love and a load of laughs." Sounds like a movie trailer :D. Not sure which post in that thread is my favorite-- @John Anthony's perfectly timed joke about not wanting to seem stupid, or @Ed Snible's hilarious take on the obverse inscription :joyful::joyful:. Everyone had a funny contribution, even @ValiantKnight who at first wasn't sure if we were kidding (love the Seinfeld clip).

    Another favorite moment: @zumbly's biggest Ptolemy bronze wrecked my virtual tray:

    "When I told my own 42mm Ptolemy there was a virtual tray full of Ptolemies posted, he decided to just barge in to take his proper place. It seems some of your smaller (ie., lesser) Ptolemies got pushed practically right off the tray. I'm really sorry for that, TIF, but you know how it is with these big bronze egos..."


    I'm sure there are many more fun moments... hope I can remember them and dig them up for this thread! :)
  4. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    My favorite thread is this best of @TIF thread! GIF's and photoshops galore!
    This Is Fun, indeed.
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  5. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Good golly Mrs Tiffy, that virtual tray of yours makes one salivate like a nice 12 year Chivas...even if "Ptolemy the Giant" did wreak some havoc.
    downloadfile-9.jpg CollageMaker Plus_20184618169417.png
  6. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    That was a magnificent thread! Especially to catch me up on some of This Is Funs's best work. Hard to pick a favorite from that one! Nero burning while Rome fiddled, Coin boy or how do you beat being Gallienus rolled!?
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  7. Curtisimo

    Curtisimo Temporarily Away

    Favorite CoinTalk Coin
    My favorite CT coin other than the above mentioned Izzy the Great is the fabulous Athenian gold coin struck from metal melted down from statues on the Acropolis that @AncientJoe posted a few months ago. It's probably one of the most interesting ancient artifacts in the world!

    Favorite Interesting Thread to Read
    I really enjoyed reading @zumbly 's post from a few years ago where he chronicled studying one of the most amazing group lots I've ever seen!

    I will have to give some additional thought to other favorite CT categories.

    Great thread @Ryro
  8. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    I am concerned that someone might not be aware that my Pertinax family 'coin' was just a plaster cast given to me decades ago from the original in the British Museum.
  9. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Ohhhhhhhh!:facepalm: I am that confused someone. Thanks for the correction...still pretty amazing plaster cast you have my friend:shame:
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  10. Pishpash

    Pishpash Mater dracones - spero Supporter

    There have been too many over the years. I may not post very often these days, but I generally look in daily (or every other day). If ever I want to cheer myself up I look at TIF's website where I can drool or laugh as approprite.

    If I want a new jigsaw or just drool, I open up ancientjoe's website, what wouldn't I give to sit at a table and handle those coins (even if he made me wear gloves)!

    I still miss stevex6, I have several of his coins but I would give them all back to have him on the forum once again.
  11. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Excellent choice with what I agree, IS one of the most interesting artifacts on the planet.
    Man, this thread you picked is amazing! What a score @zumbly! I'm about half way through and am dying to find out about the Diadumenian. But soooo much beauty right there....
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  12. FitzNigel

    FitzNigel Medievalist Supporter

    I can’t think of a specific thread that is my favorite, but I have always loved the ‘top 10’ threads at the end of the year. I’m a little surprised that we have only had on so far this year. Mine should be ready to go in a couple of days (although I am getting ready to bid on a lot which might change things... perhaps I’ll be waiting too)
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  13. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    I have more coins incoming right now that I bought all year! My year-end list won't be ready until the very end of the year-- and some coins may not be photographed.
  14. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    OMG, THIS is my greatest moment on CT!!! :D (I KNEW Doug did NOT have that Perty Jr... I even went back and looked at the threads thinking, wow, Ryro must had seen something I missed...). LOL, yeah, you be a Shiftless-Ne'er-do-Well once again... :D
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  15. David Atherton

    David Atherton Flavian Fanatic

    Moments? There are far too many. But personally one stands out - the time TIF posted this GIF of my cat Hershey.


    One of my favourite coins and threads: TIF's Elagabalus Stone of Emesea denarius.


    TIF's imaginative reconstruction of the historical event is awesome.

    And I would be remiss if I didn't mention AJ's Colosseum sestertius as another favourite coin.


    Just wow.
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  16. TIF

    TIF Always learning. Supporter

    I enjoyed making that gif. Hershey looks like my old cat, Tigger, who died 11 years ago. I still haven't got another cat although tonight and for the next two weeks I'm taking care of my neighbor's beautiful and fun kitty.

    I improved that gif some time after its first appearance. This one is a little better, with a more natural reach and speed.

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  17. Ryro

    Ryro You'll never be lovelier than you are now... Supporter

    Easy, dogface. I simply misread Doug's statement, thinking that he had lost the coin during a move and only had the cast. When in actuality he had only the pic and the cast was what went missing.
    And if a "Shiftless-Ne'er-do-Well" I be, you should show some respect! It's just one more thing that your dad and I have in common.
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  18. ValiantKnight

    ValiantKnight I AM the Senate! Supporter

    Same here. Got a full-time job right after graduating just a few months ago so I've only had the energy to mostly lurk and throw in the occasional post.

    Even though I have not been on the forum a whole lot lately, a memorable thread for me was @Severus Alexander 's wonderful analysis of how Odoacer's murder might have been alluded to on Theodoric the Great's coins: (honestly at a loss as to how this did not become a featured thread)

    I also thought that it was pretty cool that @Bing managed to finish his Legionary collection:
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  19. Alegandron

    Alegandron "ΤΩΙ ΚΡΑΤΙΣΤΩΙ..." ΜΕΓΑΣ ΑΛΕΞΑΝΔΡΟΣ, June 323 BCE Supporter

    Hey-Hey-HEY! That's DOGBREATH to you, Pal ! :)


    RR C Mamilius 82 BCE AR Den Serrate Mercury caduceus Ulysses Dog Argos Sear 282 Craw 362-1.jpg
    RR C Mamilius 82 BCE AR Den Serrate Mercury caduceus Ulysses Dog Argos Sear 282 Craw 362-1
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  20. zumbly

    zumbly Ha'ina 'ia mai ana ka puana Supporter

    Impossible to pick just one favorite moment, but I hugely enjoy the year-end period when everyone posts their favorite pickups of the year. It's a CT tradition!

    Apart from that, @Curtisimo hosting (and my participation in) the first Coin Imperator Tournament was one of the most memorable moments on the board for me. And, of course, this year's even more epic tournament was immense fun as well.

    Soooo many, many threads I love, but this old edutainment classic from @TIF showcasing her 'Baetyl of Elagabal' denarius is a high point. That bonkers diorama just takes the cake!... or, potato, as it were. :D

    It's nuts to have to pick just ONE coin that's been shown here over the years as a favorite, but just for the sake of showing something, I'll just choose AJ's Agathokles tetradrachm, which never fails to take my breath away.

  21. AncientJoe

    AncientJoe Well-Known Member

    I'm humbled by those who chose my coins - thank you! As for my favorite thread(s), anything by @TIF for her creativity and effort is of course top of my list. But, I think my favorite thread of all is "Totally looks like...":

    As for my favorite coin(s) from members on the forum, that's hard. @Bing 's ex. John Quincy Adams sestertius of Vespasian is a contender, as are @IdesOfMarch01 's Three Sisters sestertius and Julius Caesar portrait aureus.

    I'd also call out @Julius Germanicus 's fabulous Lego creations, especially his Colosseum.

    This forum is truly a wonderful place!
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