Post your Lincolns!

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by New Gen. Nick, Oct 4, 2011.


Do you like the new pennies?


  2. ew no.

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  7. Razz

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    Picked up a capital holder set for 1942 this morning. Here is the cent close up
    I would say 67 luster, probably technically grades a notch or two lower with a few nicks but wow! PhotoEditor_20190428_154450557.jpg PhotoEditor_20190428_154522552.jpg PhotoEditor_20190428_151941425.jpg
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  8. Jordan Thomas

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  9. WildWest

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    Found in change tonight at the movies watching End Game:)

  10. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

    I think this LD is as nice as this slabbed SD. GTG on the slabbed SD?
    PhotoEditor_20190510_080328327.jpg PhotoEditor_20190510_080439737.jpg PhotoEditor_20190510_083743928.jpg PhotoEditor_20190510_083810545.jpg
  11. RonSanderson

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    I am re-photographing some of the earliest photos I posted here. This 1928 Lincoln is an example. It used to be ANACS MS65 RB, but now it's raw.

    01c 1928 full 01.gif
  12. Larry Nieves

    Larry Nieves New Member

    Found this penny 1976 look at the "LIBERTy 1976.jpg
  13. Razz

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    That cent has lived a pretty rough life over the past 43 years! PMD is all I see...
  14. Larry Nieves

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  15. RonSanderson

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  17. BlackberryPie

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    DSC_0499 (2).JPG DSC_0500 (2).JPG
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  18. Garlicus

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    Fresh Loomis roll, from a full box.

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  19. RonSanderson

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    1931 Lincoln new photos.
    01c 1931 full 01.gif
  20. RonSanderson

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    Two 1932 Lincolns, new photos.
    01c 1932 #01 full 01.gif
    01c 1932 #02 full 01.gif
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  21. Razz

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