8 Reales Spanish Empire and Peninsulars for all

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by moneditis, Jan 19, 2015.

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    Has there been much published about the process of minting Spanish Reales silver coins of that era. Like how they mixed the silver for these coins, how they pressed out the planchets, how they minted the coins and was it consistent for all the various mints in the different countries and their system of quality control. In other words is there an A to Z description on how a coin was minted from the raw silver to the finished coin.
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    @David Betts, thanks for contributing but your last two do not fit in this thread.
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    My sorry thought we were talking large and reales and kindling? You'll see back about 3 pages my large Jap coin? Must have missed the thread but conformation why I love US coins and would love to sell all this foreign junk to someone? Sorry ? Still trying to wrap my head around that? Thought the thread was 8 Reales
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    reales1.JPG reales.JPG @jgenn maybe this was the reales your were threading? reales1.JPG
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    I doubt that such material, by itself, would make for a book that would sell very well. There is relevant discussion published in other references, such as:

    Gilboy, "The Milled Columnarios of Central and South America", Appendix I -- The Purity and Weights of the Milled Columnarios

    Burdette, "From Mine to Mint", focuses on early US mint processes, some of which are relevant to Spanish Colonial processes.

    Gurney, various posts at CCF such as this one.
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  8. David Betts

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    Huh? Nice coin still thought thread was 8 reales and my largest coin. Sorry for walking on your thread

    Dear friends

    Maybe we can unify/compile/collect in this thread all coins of the title. 8 Reales macuquinos, columnarios - pillar dollars - busts

    This is what I saw back to US
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    Thanks for the excellent link. Fascinating description of the way they formed the silver blanks (planchets) and the tedious time consuming rolling process. The Spanish mint workers were true craftsmen. Swamperbob has a wealth of knowledge on these coins and the minting process.

    I don't really collect the 1700's Spanish Silver Reales, I only have a type set of Charles III Reales. And it's because I collect Sicilian coins of that era and Charles III of Spain had been previously the King of Naples & Sicily (1734-1759) where he was called Carlo III di Borbone . I always wondered if the Sicilian minting process was similar to the Spanish method, since Sicily and Naples were under Spanish rule.
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    David, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but the OP already made this thread about 8 reales coins. Let's respect that, but maybe make another thread for the things you wish to post/see.
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    See this recent article published in the Newman Numismatic Portal. Check out the key reference in the paper and it explains at least for Zacatecas how silver was made from ore to ingots. Its important and it answers WHY so many Mexican coins come back from the TPG's as erroneously called CLEANED due to their non-homogenous surfaces IMO. I would like to expand this work to more numerous examples for verification but the cost of doing this one coin was $200. Currently retired and do not have access to SEM/EDS.


    John Lorenzo
    United States
  12. moneditis

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  13. moneditis

    moneditis Reales de a 8

    Guía de las cantidades acuñadas cecas de Potosí y Lima Una síntesis y conversión matemática del trabajo de Carlos Lazo García con sección especial galanos

    En memoria de Carlos Lazo García

    Glenn Stephen Murray Fantom

    AMIGOS de la casa de la moneda de segovia
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    moneditis Reales de a 8

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    moneditis Reales de a 8

  16. moneditis

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  19. At the moment, as I usually collect the minors, it seems I only have one 8 reales - Spain 1793 SCN so I guess I may have to get a few more to complete typesets (date runs appear to be a major challenge!).

    I tend to prefer the reverse of the home Spanish issues rather than the colonial ones - I realise that probably puts me in the minority :D
    Spain-8R-1793-SCN-O.JPG Spain-8R-1793-SCN-R.JPG
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    Nice thread guys . Ciao !! Bene bene !
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    That just means less competition :) great coin!
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