Some hope for those bullion collectors

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Mountain Man, Jan 16, 2022.

  1. Mountain Man

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    Bullion collectors and silver stackers, you may come out ahead in the long run. The VERY long run.

    Buying and saving (for a long time) some of the silver could really pay off. Look at this old one and its asking price now (89 years later).
    HK-822 1933 Pedley-Ryan Type I SCD
    $1,650.00 · NGC MS 63
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  3. Matthew Kruse

    Matthew Kruse Young Numismatist

    Interesting, there's nothing that says 1 oz 999 fine or anything to indicate its a silver round. Pretty cool.
  4. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

  5. Cinco71

    Cinco71 Well-Known Member

    I know this is just my opinion, but that has to be the most boring looking coin I've ever seen placed in a slab. What's there to admire -- the font? The generous use of negative space?
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  6. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency Supporter

    Sometimes it's the history that attracts people especially to tokens. Tokens can not only be pretty plain to look at they can be outright hideous looking. People will buy them for the history and the rarity.
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  7. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Supporter! Supporter

    It isn't a coin, its a silver round, which doesn't need a design, its who issued it that makes it a collectible.
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  8. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Pretty plain Jane, but it’s the history
    that makes the coin, and it looks like that one has plenty :)
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  9. Mr.Q

    Mr.Q Well-Known Member

    There is a TV show called History's Mysteries. That bullion has both. Thanks for sharing.
  10. DonaldPH

    DonaldPH New Member

  11. john65999

    john65999 Well-Known Member

    bullion from ship wrecks and old enghlehards and some private smelters are collectible as well, but if shtf, well, collectability goes out the window, cept for the 1% in their doomsday bun=galows, still looking at their heirlooms whilst the city burns... whiskey women and bullets will have value, maybe food, (but you can hunt for that) all else, is just a burden, imagine lugging around 10 pounds of silver during an apocalypses???
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