2011 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by SILVER E C-C, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    I got five sets and every set had at least 2 capsules loose. One set had all 5 coins shifting around in it. No damage though.....:)
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  3. goldmember

    goldmember Junior Member

    I got my results from NGC and it wasn't as good as I was hoping. You can see the complete results here, http://www.cointalk.com/t195066-3/#post1309017. I got 11 70's, but none of the S mint coins came back as a 70. I think one of my burnished coins might have come out because it came back as a MS67.

    Just to be clear, I am more than satisfied with these results. I just started getting pie-in-the-sky ideas when I saw Flyers numbers and some others.
  4. krispy

    krispy krispy

    That company has a lot of excuses for "running a business". They low ball offer the death out of any potentially hot new coin release. It irks me that they attempt to utilize people who will clog up phone and bandwidth lines on the day of release for a few bucks profit. This sort of pre-emptive approach to acquiring new inventory for their business is to the consternation of collectors getting shut-out from new coin releases. I can't understand how anyone would deal with these companies for such little return, especially when originally the company in question were only offering about $60 over the Mint's price to sellers who would buy for them on release day and then deliver to them their unopened sets. It pretty clear how much more money the sets were going to be worth based on their offer price and the mark up they will apply after they've had the coins graded and relisted to sell later. Even eBay pre-sales should have told people not to deal with these companies paying so little. That they make these offers with no flexibility for the customer interested in negotiating a sale really stinks. Moreover, it subverts the Mint's collector retail based sales for the individual. I hope people are more wise and don't sell out so easily to these companies and could realise that it does more harm than good to the individual collectors trying to get coins for their collections. Seems to me that the market valuations are skewed by speculation that a given new coin will do so well later on and would be more accurately valued on the secondary market without these players pushing hype and limiting availability to great a demand above the existing demand.
  5. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Yeah, I think Flyer really got everyone's hopes and expectations up. I still can't believe he scored such a coup. I think you did rather nicely though. 11 '70's ain't nothing to sneeze at. I'm hitting a local show this weekend with two of my "raw" sets and seein' what I can reel in.........:)
  6. coinperson

    coinperson Member

    5 sets, WOW! Enjoy what you got!
  7. airraid1999

    airraid1999 Member

    everyone have a great thanksgiving hopefully we will get things straight out next week happy holidays!! :thumb:
  8. buyingsilvers

    buyingsilvers New Member

    well, 11 is twice as much as what people are reporting from pcg. You could probably sell an extra reverse proof 70 and buy the S
  9. SirCharlie

    SirCharlie Chuck

    If the top grade S mint is so hard to come by, it sounds to me like the MS70 S-mint is gonna be the top dog in this set.
  10. medoraman

    medoraman Supporter! Supporter

    Thanks Krispy, I was just reporting the low offer but am not tempted to take it. $2500 for a sealed case of 5 sets is quite a bit below Ebay prices. I guess they have to pay for their full page NN ad somehow, I just don't want to be the sucker to pay for it for them. :)

  11. goldmember

    goldmember Junior Member

    I thought about that, but with the prices fluctuating so much I don't want to take that risk just to have a full set to sell. My goal was to keep 2 of these sets for me and my newborn son and sell the rest to pay for them and some other bills (wish I could put it to coins but we just had a baby and then our car died, never ends). Since the grades are all over the place I will probably just sell them piecemeal and buy two OGP sets with the proceeds. I can't justify cracking a 70 and I prefer keeping them in OGP.

    Could be. I got 3 70 reverse proofs, and 2 or 3 70s in the other types except for the S mint. The S mint coins that are selling alone aren't bringing great prices yet so now is your chance. I can guarantee that there is at least one MS69 on ebay now.
  12. x115

    x115 Collector

  13. ALF

    ALF Member

    I don't have a ding like that but I did notice an imperfection in the upper right field of the reverse of my "S" mint coin. Kinda bummed about it too.
  14. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    My San Fran eagles all had issues except for one. Three examples had something that looked similar to Morse code (reverse) on the left side, coming off the olive branch.
  15. coinlover11111

    coinlover11111 New Member

    That is a big improvement for their initial offer for $360 a set and seller paysthe shipping :)
  16. SirCharlie

    SirCharlie Chuck

    Somewhat off topic, unless you consider a missing S an issue. This has been discussed, but I'll bet there are still people getting burned by ordering a 2011 San Fran Silver Eagle and when they get it, find out it's not an S. I got another email again this morning with an offer to buy one for $149.95, and they do not mention anything about it NOT having an S. Should that be considered fraud, or ignorance is no excuse? Then again, what would be considered the "right thing" to do when advertising? There are probably many people that think they got burned when they receive it, and then not have the nerve to return it after the fact.
  17. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    That's a tough one Charles. Yo-Yo Spin pointed out the "marker" for determining a San Fran eagle and all of mine had that marker. In the technical sense, I suppose they could get away with selling a regular bullion eagle (with the proper marker) as a San Fran (an "s" s-less) but like you mention, folks could be disappointed. To date, nobody (in authority) has come out with an official announcement that this is the actual way you determine the difference between a San Fran and a West Point coin. For the moment it seems to work. I haven't encountered the tail feather marker on any of my coins (WP) other than the San Fran.
  18. SirCharlie

    SirCharlie Chuck

    Thanks , I guess it would help if I backed up and did a little reading. It would be nice if the companies selling the S-less would note that it doesn't have a mintmark. The price should be a red flag, but at $179, some might just think they were getting a good deal.
    I've had one of those USB microscopes. I just haven't ever plugged it in and used it. I guess this would be a good time to check it out.
  19. BioEtOH

    BioEtOH Member

    My coins are on the way home from NGC. for the burnished S, I got 4 70s and 1 69. As soon as I get them on hand, I'll take photos of both 69 n 70, post it in CT, and hope we can compare them. Unless if someone posts it first before me :rollling:

    ps: yes I will use the microscope in my lab!
  20. SirCharlie

    SirCharlie Chuck

    That's a awesome ratio for MS70 S-mints. Those S-mints should be worth some big bucks, and just keep going higher. Actually, they should all start going up in the coming weeks. The more order cancellations from the mint, the the more people will be looking to buy, and the higher these should go, plus add the fact that Christmas is coming up. The big question is, will they be worth a lot more in the next year or two or three?
  21. BioEtOH

    BioEtOH Member

    The result for my first submission was pretty darn good: 3 MS/PF70 sets, 1 mix set (4xMS/PF70 + 1PF69) and 1 mix set (2MS/PF70, 2MS69, 1PF69). Hope the best for my second one.

    I guess nobody knows where the price gonna go, right? Anyway, I am not planning to sell any of my sets though, at least not now. Maybe long down the road when the rain stops and the land is dry ....
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