Provident Metals

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Provident Metals
  1. Provident Precious Metals
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  4. PeacePeople

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    I found out about Provident metals via Cointalk in 2010. I have completed 30 different transactions with them and have always been satisfied with the quality of product and service they provide. With 30 transactions in just over 4 years, it should be very safe to believe that I'm a client of theirs.
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    Hi, they may have had this option for a while but I didn't know about until I was ordering today. Initially I was going to use my credit card and pay a few dollars more instead of sending a check. It looks like they now have an option of using an electronic check & still getting the cash price!! So I elected that option and save a few dollars. I had to provide them my back info which they would have gotten with a check anyway. So it worked out!!
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    How far are y'all away from sachse?
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