Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by bluemastiff, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Mr Roots

    Mr Roots Underneath The Bridge

    Its like the Garbage Pail Kids of bullion.
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  3. PeacePeople

    PeacePeople Wall St and stocks, where it's at

    I have to wonder if this is in response to the SBSS series and all the drama that is going on there. I believe it is, in fact I hope it is, mostly because I think Chris Duane is a drama queen that will probably go away quietly at the end of this year. I'm pretty sure Provident will still be around, and it'll be an inside joke for them for a very long time.
  4. pescholl

    pescholl New Member

    I just ordered one for my collection. I will buy the whole set.
  5. Pacecar

    Pacecar Well-Known Member

    I just got my order from the Postman today.


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  6. yrh0413

    yrh0413 New Member

    The silver ones look as decent as the copper zombucks! thanks for the photos Pacecar :)
  7. Silverhouse

    Silverhouse Well-Known Member

    I just got my Zombuck today. It's pretty nice. What's with the 2017 date? is that the new forecast for the end of the world? lol
  8. PeacePeople

    PeacePeople Wall St and stocks, where it's at

    Provident just moved the premium up to +$2.99 on these
  9. MorganDollarTJ

    MorganDollarTJ Senior Member YN

    i got a silver one yesterday at the Worlds Fair of Money! :) i love it!
  10. SilverSurfer415

    SilverSurfer415 Well-Known Member

    What size air tites fit them?
    I have a few of them and would like to place them in an air tites, just in case I want to sell them on ebay.
  11. pescholl

    pescholl New Member

    Silver rounds are 39-mm in diameter, Air tite direct fit size H39.

    My Zombuck arrived today. Let the apocalypse begin!
  12. silv

    silv Active Member

    Bought some tubes of coppers when they were 99 cents. Figured a cheap joke is best in a cheap metal, and if there really is a zombie apocalypse then Z2 copper will be a useful workhorse denomination :eek:
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