Who the heck is selling millions of bullion on ebay?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by goldrealmoney79, Oct 18, 2020.

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  3. Beardigger

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    The melt value is 1,907,910. so we have a $700,000 markup.
    I also don't think "free standard Shipping" is a wise idea.
    Plus "the price could change with the market."
  4. slackaction1

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    Or make an offer and this disclaimer
    As is industry practice, a 1080p video recording is made to verify contents whenever a package is sealed or opened. No returns or cancellations will be accepted.
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  5. medoraman

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    Someone simply to advertise they own them, and if a buyer really wanted one they are available. Lots of stuff on Ebay are place there more as an advertisement than anyone expecting them to sell on the site. I am aware of quite a few transactions occuring because a buyer saw one was available, and the sale consummated off of Ebay.
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  6. Brian Calvert

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