What do you do when you want just ONE piece of bullion?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by myownprivy, Aug 3, 2018.

  1. myownprivy

    myownprivy Well-Known Member

    What do you do when you want something like ONE 2018 Silver Krugerrand?

    Do you place a $100 order on bullion website to get free shipping? Suppose the Krugerrand is $18. Do you buy the rand for $18 and then pick up 5+ more ounces to bring your total to $100 so the order ships free?

    Do you go on ebay and buy JUST the single piece but pay a few dollars over spot, maybe a $21 purchase?

    Do you wait for your coin shop to get one in stock and buy it from them?

    What do you usually do?
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  3. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I would tell my dealer that I needed one. He goes to all the shows and such. He always finds what is my current hearts desire. Whether it is a $20.00 piece or a $500.00 piece. All that is required on my part is just a tad of patience.
  4. rte

    rte Well-Known Member

    Easy, just Throw money at it.
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  5. gold standard db

    gold standard db Active Member

    I've been ordering $100+ from bullion sites for the free shipping. I just got a gold AU 1945 dos peso restrike lastweek (along with a few other little goodies). Sorry no pics yet, i'm upgrading and will start a few threads when i'm more pic capable.
  6. juris klavins

    juris klavins Well-Known Member

    Free shipping is your friend - shipping fees are part of the price you pay - a bullion coin advertised at $18 plus $5 shipping is a $23 bullion coin - at $15.40 spot, you're paying a premium of either 17% (free shipping) or 49% ($5 shipping) - big difference that adds up over time.
    Always buy at the lowest total price, always factor in the cost of shipping.
    On small purchases below the free shipping threshold, you'll overpay :yack:
  7. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency

    It's amazing how often this dilemma presents itself. So, I dwell on the question while eating a half a pound of fried bologna and french fries. If that doesn't work I'll throw a piece of the bologna out the window and see what kind of feral cat comes by to eat it. If it's a tiger-cat I'll spring for more silver to get the free shipping. If it's not a tiger I'll just buy one and pay the shipping cost.
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  8. juris klavins

    juris klavins Well-Known Member

    Free shipping is not always the best deal - here's an example of current pricing for a tube (20) of BU 2018 ASEs:
    Apmex 376.00 + free shipping 18.80 per coin
    BGASC 361.60 + 6.95 shipping 18.43 per coin
    JMB 370.40 + free shipping 18.52 per coin
    Provident 370.00 + free shipping 18.50 per coin
    SDB 354.80 + 7.77 shipping 18.13 per coin

    SD Bullion has the highest shipping charge, but lowest overall price.
    That's why it pays to factor in the cost of shipping, then calculate price per unit :cool:
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  9. juris klavins

    juris klavins Well-Known Member

    Good Eats :rolleyes:

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  10. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    I wait for the next ANA show, winter or summer, and buy one there. I'm at absolutely every one of them anyway.

    If there were one in San Diego, and I had moved to Boston, I'd STILL go. It's just what I do. I've already done Portland and Anaheim from eastern PA.

    I bought my 2017 Krug last year at Denver.
  11. myownprivy

    myownprivy Well-Known Member

    That's a lot of patience. You should open your own doctor's office.

  12. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Actually I just ordered a 2018, and was in the mood to get some silver too, so I ordered the $100.
  13. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    You should try to develop some. It really doesn't hurt one bit to have patience. The added benefit I get at shows is I get to pick out the one I want. Imagine that!

    Besides, the Philly ANA is just week after next.

    Impatience exacts a very real and very tangible financial cost.
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  14. myownprivy

    myownprivy Well-Known Member

    You do realize us millennials demand INSTANT gratification.
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  15. MontCollector

    MontCollector Well-Known Member

    Yet you are ordering coins and having them delivered via snail mail. How INSTANT is that?
  16. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    You have NAILED just one of a gazillion reasons why I hold millennials in the lowest possible esteem. The rest of the reasons are LITERALLY filling a book.
  17. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency

    That sort of conflicts with the wise old sage/guru image doesn't it?
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