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  1. V. Kurt Bellman

    V. Kurt Bellman Yes, I'm blunt! Get over your "feeeeelings".

    That is just plain FALSE. There are virtually NO 69's or 70's coming from bank rolls. In fact, there may be LITERALLY none.
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    well if you really believe that then by all means go out and buy all the PCGS MS 69 and 70 - 2018 nickels and dimes you can find. Real "quality" coins there. Since there are "LITERALLY NONE" these should appreciate wildly. You can trust me just like you all trusted all the silver gurus promising you $500 an ounce silver years ago.
  4. EdThelorax

    EdThelorax Active Member

    I was a little surprised that there are zero PCGS MS69 and MS70 Jefferson Nickles since the return to Monticello in 2006. If you do manage to find one, it would be valued at a much higher price than the 41 PCGS MS68's which average about 1000$ It would then be the finest known for the type and would probably go for more than 5,000$.
    As far as Roosevelt dimes go, there are 26 PCGS MS 69's at an average price of 1750$ and no MS70's
    Don't trust me, check the facts for yourself.
  5. EdThelorax

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  6. goldcollector

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    GSR currently 83.55

    Thread started at 68.93

    Still waiting
  7. goldcollector

    goldcollector Member

    The GSR is at near 84 and real world observations haven't changed at all. Every LCS I go to has so much silver they can't sell its just amazing, if they do have an ounce of gold it will sell by the end of the day almost always. Fractional gold they ask ridiculous premiums and it still sells. Meanwhile tubs of Morgans, peace, ASE, Silver maples, generic silver and the million other silver garbage they have are all priced spot plus a buck or 2 and it just sits and collects dust. Or maybe they have tons more and they just keep refilling the tubs.

    My Facebook groups - silver everywhere noone buys. Someone posts an ounce of gold you better BIN real fast cause it will be gone.

    The GSR up to 84 I would normally call for a small correction - I mean silver can't just get its butt stomped into the ground FOREVER ( well it looks like it is, it was "a short 6 years ago the GSR was in the 30's" from the first reply ). Wow I think I could give Mike Tyson in his heyday a better bout than silver is giving gold.

    Well I say I would normally expect a bit of a correction but not with what I'm seeing. There is just way way ( 100 ways ) too much silver and its held mainly by weak hands looking to dump if they can get a 10 cent gain.
    Nope we will likely see 90 in 2019 and if not it will certainly hold close to where it is. Thread started at 68.93. Good luck ever seeing that again.
  8. EdThelorax

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