Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by goldcollector, Apr 17, 2017.

  1. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate Supporter

    Trading physical is not something which should be done lightly because of premiums. I would want extremes of at least 40 and 90 before considering it. With paper it is a different matter but I don't hold it is that form.
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  3. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    Good point on getting nailed on the premiums and waiting for extremes. I wouldn't play the GSR unless there was a stronger track record that it still works. I think many here are saying that it's an outdated system.
  4. sakata

    sakata Devil's Advocate Supporter

    Many people here ARE outdated systems. Flexibility is what leads to success.
  5. Bman33

    Bman33 Well-Known Member

    79.19 as of today's close. You GSR guys should be getting silver hand over fist including traded all your gold for it!
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