TPG Conservation of Nickel Coinage

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by ToughCOINS, Dec 24, 2021.

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    BadThad, posted: "You're overthinking it, it's simple and also applies to toning."

    I'm not overthinking anything.;) I just added a bunch of nonsense o_O to make a point. ALL CONSERVATION is some form of cleaning, repairing. replacing, surface alteration, etc. Thus we are in 100% agreement - it's simple. However, your example of toning is NOT THE SAME AT ALL. :(

    "A coin is either considered market acceptable or not - regardless what you call about the journey there.

    "Market acceptability" is a TPGS :shifty: crutch to cover our butts because oxidation is either 100% natural (no matter how long it took) or not natural. Much of the time it is hard to know which it actually is. :jawdrop: The same cannot be said for conservation because in many cases of proper conservation the coin looks 100% natural as if it were never touched. So it is either CLEANED or NOT. Just because some cleaned coins are "market :shifty: acceptable" does not indicate they are not cleaned BECAUSE THE EVIDENCE THAT THEY HAVE BEEN CLEANED IS VISIBLE! :smuggrin:

    That is why I much prefer to use the terms "cleaned" for not market acceptable and "conserved" for a market acceptable coin. It's a simple matter of colloquial nomenclature for convenience in discussion

    You are free to use any words you wish. Just understand that the conserved coin has been altered - most often by a simple, undetectable cleaning.

    It's simple.

    As for the 1955-S 1c you asked me about... There is no way to determine the answer as you'll get opinions one way or the other by every famous, knowledgeable, professional numismatist, copper collector/dealer, etc.

    But I will not duck an honest question.

    I do not like the two-toned coin and would not keep it. It looks chemically treated; however, (thanks for tipping it in the light) if it came into the grading room I should give it a high, straight, RB grade. :angelic:
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