Thoughts on Apollo 11 gold coins?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by PK2000, Jan 23, 2019.

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    I bought a $5 gold proof and love it. Apollo 11 is one of the best historical events in my lifetime. It’s worth a special coin, even if many think the price is too high.

    I’m discouraged by some of the remarks complaining that flippers can’t make a profit. I wish we could drop that CRAP at least occasionally, especially with a special issue like this.

    Some of these people act like their constitutional rights are being violated when a coin can’t be flipped immediately at double the issue price.

    This might be shocking to the self-centered, but the Mint does not exist for the convenience of profiteers, some of whom couldn’t care less about coins themselves.

    The hope of easy greed gets to me. It also downgrades the dignity of those who engage in it, cheering when they can flip and getting the pouty face when they can’t.

    Off my chest.
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  3. TyCobb

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    The UC gold coin is now on back order. Oh well :(
  4. Virginian

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    I support charity, but I like choosing my own charities. And as nice as all that is, IMO there are much more worthy charities. However, if these charities are worthy of government support, then let the government appropriate funds to support them, not glom onto U.S. currency. Or even just make commemorative medals, which is already halfway to Franklin Mint status anyway, and donate a part of that. Do not debase U.S. currency, which these COINS are.

    And I won't be buying these coins in the secondary market, either. Functionally, it's the same thing as someone up the line paid this extortion and I'm reimbursing them.
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