The mystery RCM 10 ounce Magnificent Maple leaf BU coins questions.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Teh King of Ants, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. This is a weird one but I cannot find this product on thier site with Royal Canadian Mint having so much stuff including UFO colorized coins that they Remind me of the Franklin Mint, maybe they forgot to put it on the website?

    I just cannot find any info on this Bullion issue, no where I search including RCMs official site,wikipeda etc. It truly is a mystery and I never knew such a product existed until just a few weeks ago.

    The only thing I know is they only started this new line 2017 and it seems there is not much supply either. The coins ship in capsules with 4 of them in a sheet. You can purchase a monster box of 240 coins. Dealers will offer above spot but below initial purchase price for these coins. This has to be the smallest in silver weight issued monster box.

    Anyone know much more about this? Will this be an annual issue, what is the mintage counts? I wonder why RCM does not promote it as well. RCM is a mess, who issues something that barely gets promoted if any.

    They are nice looking high purity coins and can be had for reasonable premium to spot as well.
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  3. crazyd

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    I dont know if this will help you but I bought a 10oz RCM silver coin - "tree of life". I bought it from ebay. I also could not find information on the RCM site. I emailed them about my Tree of Life 10 oz coin and got this back.

    "This coin is a bullion and there is no mintage on a bullion coin. Please note that the Mint does not sell bullion products directly to the public; only to distributors who have the infrastructure to sell and buy back bullion to and from the public, and manage sales to individual dealers in North America and around the globe. This is also why bullion products do not appear in our catalogues"[​IMG]
  4. Go figure RCM is a ship without a captain. The US mint has info on all its bullion coin, RCM none so you never know what mystery bullion coin will surprise us. I ordered a monster box of the 10 ounce coins they are on backorder though so it seems they dont mint as much of these bigger bullion coins but they do look nice.
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  5. CasualAg$

    CasualAg$ Corvid Minions Collecting

    You two are costing me money!

    Now there are two 10 oz Canadians. Best news today.
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  6. CasualAg$

    CasualAg$ Corvid Minions Collecting

    Tree is htf. Ordered the Mag Maple.
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  7. crazyd

    crazyd Active Member

    Followup - I wish more of the cool designs like the tree of life bullion coin were still be issued to dealers by the RCM. At the time it was not horribly over melt (for a finished coin). Not seen anything like this since. One of my favorites in my modest collection of silver.
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