Super high premium silver bullion. What's your plan?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Jason.A, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Well isn't that schpecial.
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    I'm all for people buying what they like to collect but in no way should people really consider any of that high premium stuff as an investment. If they do they are generally going to be in for a big disappointment when they go to sell. It's similar to people who buy off HSN, etc and pay outrageous prices for things only for them when needing to liquidate or their heirs to find out it isn't even worth a fraction of the price.

    I think there's really two types of stackers: those who've bought and then sold some of the high premium stuff and are exposed to the reality that it's a best avoided. And those who haven't yet tried to sell any of that 'collectible' bullion. Actually I think this fits the coin market overall as many seem to have a retail valuation on their coins and when selling many get shocked by the true liquid value of their coins.

    Now there are some cases where something does well and breaks the trend but overall high premium mass produced bullion and even low mintage high premium bullion with no demand is a loss magnet. I personally besides the stuff that I truly wanted for my collection liquidated all my bullion of this type and most of it at losses I'd rather forget about; but the experience served as a great lesson.
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    Thankyo, thankyo very much.

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    Quotes, quotes and me a favor Jameson, add another quote and make it a gallon...say, Jameson, how much are they getting a gallon? Groucho Marx
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