Searching for sterling Wittnauer presidential medals

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by gsalexan, Dec 3, 2013.

  1. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    Bump. Still seeking images of medals with engravings of presidents John Tyler and Andrew Johnson.
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  3. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    It took me quite a while, but I did finally locate those four presidents: Tyler, Polk, Lincoln and Andrew Johnson. Case closed.

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  4. Rebecca Ripley

    Rebecca Ripley New Member

    I have a set of the 36 piece presidential metal sterling silver set by Wittnauer Precious Metal Guild. From George Washington to Richard Nixon. My parents collected this set and have it in a wooden display case and had it hanging on the wall. I inherited it and wanted to find out how much it's worth and where is the best place to sell it. Each coin has the 525 grains (1.1 Troy Ox.) Sterling Silver. I also have the small pamphlets that go with each of the coins.
  5. gsalexan

    gsalexan Intaglio aficionado

    The medals typically bring $1 above bullion value, maybe a little more. Spot silver is around $17.50 per ounce. Sterling silver is 90% silver (0.9), multiplied by 1.1 oz. You can run the numbers from that and get a rough idea.
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