Remember when people were paying $50.00 plus for a ounce of silver.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by bkozak33, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    That was funny.
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  3. SilverForLife

    SilverForLife Member

    They will be paying more. Just a matter of time and the Dems/Reps/Fed printing press.
  4. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    Maybe. The $50.00 hurdle will be tough to get through, and hold. I think something major would have to happen.
  5. kookoox10

    kookoox10 ANA #3168546

    I remember it vividly, it was a wild time for many.
  6. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    And folly for many more........
  7. rickmp

    rickmp Frequently flatulent.

    Funnier was the beatings the Hunt brothers took at $50.
  8. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    I was fortunate to sell my silver at around 45.00. The reason I did was I wanted to do a Lincoln set. I guess I lucked out
  9. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Not as funny as everybody selling at $5 a couple of years later.

    Man, I could go for some $2.50 Barber halves. Or, for that matter, some $300 double eagles. Do let me know exactly when it's coming, though, so I can ditch all my junk first.
  10. Windchild

    Windchild Punic YN, Shahanshah

    I sold mine at $49 and some change :D

    Bought gold, and my coin collection ;)
  11. newcoinguy

    newcoinguy Member

    I got real lucky, sold all mine for $47.50 and then a few days later they killed bin laden and silver took a dive. Bought a bunch more after that for around $28.00
  12. coingeek12

    coingeek12 Collect all the nickels!

    i say may is when silver will spike.
  13. Pacecar

    Pacecar Well-Known Member

    I'm still paying $50(and more) for some ounces.;)
  14. SilverForLife

    SilverForLife Member

    Australian Mint always wants $50+ for SilverKangaroo bullion......:D
  15. KoinJester

    KoinJester Well-Known Member

    What was funny was all the $100 before the end of the year. Then silence..,. Oh it will be spouted again when it inches back uup, the drums will be beating and then the deafening silence
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  16. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    I wish I could have began collecting earlier! All these stories about buying at $5/oz 3 years ago and selling 2 years ago at $40/oz... It just makes me upset that I recently started collecting. :rollling:
  17. jello

    jello Not Expert★NormL®

    Yup:yes: when hit 33.44 I stopped buy back @$50.00
    but now its back down or was have not seen today's closing yet
  18. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    It was wild. Silver & gold rose so fast. I would go to antique malls, where people wouldnt update their inventory regular. I would buy all their junk silver and or 14k scrap jewelry, and flip it on Ebay.
  19. Pi man

    Pi man Well-Known Member

    Sounds like something fun to spend a Saturday afternoon doing.:D
  20. treehugger

    treehugger Well-Known Member

    Remember when people were paying over 2 1/2 times melt value for a 2013 bullion American Silver Eagle because somebody sitting behind a desk somewhere looked at the coin for 20 seconds and told them it was perfect?

    That was funny also.
  21. sodude

    sodude Well-Known Member

    Remember when people were paying over $40 for a silver eagle on ebay because it had '2013' stamped on it and there was supposedly a shortage?
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