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Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Phil Ham, May 11, 2013.

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    For a moment I was trying to interpret that as a ring setting. Whoa.
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    The Weir Farm National Historic Site puck went on sale on 18 May 2020. It is the 52nd puck in the ATB series and the second of 2020. The US mint will release sales figures for this puck starting next week. All the 2019 pucks remain available for sale on the mint's website including the Lowell, American Memorial Park, War in the Pacific, and San Antonito pucks as well as the 2020 Samoan Bat puck. The higher sales price of the Samoan puck hasn't impacted sales volume, which has already exceeded two of last year's puck. It will be interesting to see if the Connecticut puck has similar interest in these times of COVID. I would rate the design of this latest puck about average.

    From the Mint Website. The Weir Farm National Historic Site is the second release of 2020. The reverse (tails) design portrays an artist, wearing a painter’s smock, painting outside Julian Alden Weir’s studio at Weir Farm. It is inspired by various images of the studio and Weir’s paintings created on the property, as well as descriptions of Weir and his fellow artists’ creative inspiration from the rural environment. Inscriptions are "WEIR FARM," "CONNECTICUT," "2020," "E PLURIBUS UNUM, " and “A NATIONAL PARK FOR ART.”

    Weir Farm National Historic Site was associated with the development of American Impressionism during the height of the artistic movement at the turn of the 19th century. The farm was home to three generations of American artists beginning with Julian Alden Weir, who acquired it in 1882. He was a leading figure in the development of American Impressionism. Here, amidst rocky fields and woodlands, he spent nearly four decades painting. His artist friends and other luminaries often joined him at Weir Farm, which was a short train ride from New York City. After Weir, the artistic legacy was continued by his daughter, painter Dorothy Weir Young, and her husband, sculptor Mahonri Young, followed by New England painters Sperry and Doris Andrews.

    Weir Farm includes a 60-acre cultural landscape consisting of 15 historic structures including houses, barns, studios, and outbuildings. The landscape features bedrock outcrops, historic gardens, stone terraces, specimen trees, orchards, fields, miles of stone laid walls, a pond, and hundreds of historic painting sites. The artistic tradition at Weir Farm is kept alive through a variety of Art in the Park programs, free art supplies, large frames in the landscape to recreate paintings, night painting, and art instruction.

    Weir Farm.jpg
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    The first week of sales for the Weir Farm puck were quite light at only 11,818. Surprisingly, the Samoan puck continues to sell quite well despite the significant increase in price in 2020. It already exceeds sales of the Northern Mariana Island, Texas, and Idaho pucks, which were release last year. I must say that the Samoan bats are a very nice design to display on a puck. Market values are mixed for the pucks. The 2010 pucks seem to have increased in value while Hawaii puck continues to drop in value. I'm guessing that the lower mintage of the George Rogers Clark as well as the expected lower mintages of several of the 2019 pucks are impacting the future value of the Hawaiian puck. When reviewing sold items on eBay, it continues to be obvious that you should use the "Buy it Now" option in lieu of other options. It seems to be better to wait for your asking price than watching something sell for a much lower value due to little interest. Here is the updated chart and graph:


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    With the surge in the price of silver, it is no surprise that the demand of pucks has risen over the past week. The 2019 pucks seem to be going quite quickly at $154.95 in price as the intrinsic value approaches 80%. The 2020 Samoan Bat is still seeing some serious interest despite its price of $178.25. The Bat and the 2019 War in the Pacific pucks are currently unavailable. I wouldn't be surprised if both pucks sellout shortly. They near the mintage numbers of the last sellout from 2018 (Block Island).
  8. Phil Ham

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    With the silver price in the collector pucks at over 90% of their sales price, the mint shows the 2019 pucks as "Unavailable". I'm predicting that they will restart selling them at $178.25. Let's see. We will probably see a sellout of the War in the Pacific and Bat pucks with a sellout of the Lowell puck next.
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    I was afraid this would happen to the 2019s too, but they've since become available (and then unavailable) a couple more times, still at the $155 price. So I picked up a couple more San Antonio quarters, they're honestly the only ones I've really cared for so far due to the resemblance to colonial reales. If the price holds maybe I'll get another next month.
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    There has been a run of pucks over the past two weeks. All the 2019 pucks are currently unavailable as well as the Bat puck from 2020. Only the Weir puck is still on sale at the $178.25 price. As all the pucks have sales figures in mid 16k level, I'm thinking that they're probably sold old and folks will only get returns from this point forward.
  11. Phil Ham

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    With the increase in silver prices over the past couple of months, I thought it was a great time to update the puck value spreadsheet. Here it is:

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    What's the reason for American Samoa being a higher value than the other still available ones? Little lower mintage? Possible sold out soon since currently unavailable?
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    Good question; here are my thoughts: The mint saw the downward sales slide and made less of the first two 2020 pucks; Samoa bats is a very nice design, it sold quickly and currently unavailable at the mint, COVID-19 has helped the mint decide not to make anymore of them, silver prices also increased the demand of the pucks, and puck prices rose with the increase in demand. The $200 was based on very little e-Bay history. The price may come down with time.
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    Yeah see what happens. I did pick one up.
  15. Phil Ham

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    The U.S. Virgin Island's Salt River Bay National History Park puck went on sale on 18 September 2020. It is the 53rd puck in the ATB series and the third of 2020. The first week's sales were low 12,669. All the 2019 pucks and 2020 Samoa Bat puck are currently unavailable for sale on the mint website. Only the Weir Farm and Salt River Bay pucks are currently available for sale at $178.25. I would rate the design of this latest puck as slightly above average.

    From the Mint Website. The reverse design depicts a red mangrove tree in an early stage of its life cycle, as it evolves from a very small plant to an adult tree. The design brings awareness to the park’s endangered mangrove forests and the unique and delicate nature of how the species reproduces in salt water. Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve is a living museum on St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. Salt River Bay possesses an archeological and historical heritage more than 2,000 years old that exists within a dynamic ecosystem that supports threatened and endangered species. In 1992, Congress created Salt River Bay as part of the National Park Service to preserve, protect, and tell the story of its rich contributions to the Nation’s natural and cultural heritage. The site’s blend of sea and land holds some of the largest remaining mangrove forests in the U.S. Virgin Islands. In addition to the mangroves, the other vitally important ecosystems within the preserve are an estuary, coral reefs, and even a submarine canyon. These ecosystems are home to 27 species that have been listed as rare, threatened, or endangered, such as the Green and Hawksbill Sea Turtles and the Blackbar Soldierfish. The coral reefs form the basis of communities that are comparable to tropical rainforests in their biological richness and global significance.

    Salt River Bay.jpg
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  16. Phil Ham

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    The first week of sales for the Salt River Bay puck were quite light at only 12,669 but better than the first week sales of the Weir Farm. The jump in silver prices over the summer caused a run at the mint for the 2019 pucks, which remained at the lower price point of $154.95. The 2019 pucks and the 2020 Samoa bat puck remain unavailable at the US mint. The bat seemed to garner considerable interest from the collector's market despite its higher price of $178.25. The 2019 pucks and Samoa pucks will all probably sell out with only returns available for resale at the mint in the coming months. The Weir Farm and the Salt River pucks are the only remaining pucks for sale on the mint website at $178.25. It is difficult to put value on the pucks with the huge market swings in silver prices over the past week. The updated chart assumes the current silver price of $22.92/ounce: upload_2020-9-27_7-55-20.png

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    Lemme know when these all hit $150 each or less.
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  19. onecenter

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    As always, your information charts are extremely helpful.

    What I find astonishing is that I have spent over $9300 for the first 53 pucks, buying from the US Mint. When the series ends next year, it will be my first $10,000 collection purchase. Despite the beautiful designs and the huge size, I will be glad it will be ending.
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    Well, when it ends, you can always take a picture then cash it out and drop the 10K o something else. Another collection, a used car, a vacation, or a kiddie pool and $9980 worth of M&Ms.

    If you started from the beginning it's kind of a good savings plan really. Maybe not a gain when all is said and done overall. But savings regardless.

    Is this chart accurate? Did they really price them that high in 2010 when they started them?
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