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Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Phil Ham, May 11, 2013.

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    Phil Ham I appreciate your updates in this thread. Thanks for keeping us all informed.

    I've driven through Iowa. I've probably had a few meals in the state. I have been to the HighPoint (GO HAWKEYE POINT!). And the Hawkeyes are in the BigTen. So there's that. But hey, next time I'm in the neighborhood, I may very well stop and take the opportunity to check out The Mounds.

    While Effigy is not the greatest 5 oz'er it did make me go out and do some research on what the heck it is. Whether you're into it or not, it's a part of our history here in the US. That's what I like about this series. Keeping us all involved/informed/educated in our history here.
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  3. Phil Ham

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    I lived in Rochester, Minnesota for a few years. We loved to tell Hawkeye jokes. It always had something to do with a combine. Back on target, the mounds are quite hideous. I don't care who says they're not. Let's switch them with something else like a "Children of the Corn" monument.
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  5. Insider

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    The marks on your coin appear to be small gouges - PMD.
  6. Phil Ham

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    With the issuance of the Frederick Douglass puck, I thought it was a good time to update the market value versus mintage thread. The recent decrease in silver has also had a small negative impact on puck values. In my opinion, the first two pucks of 2017 represent the worst of the worst in puck designs. It took some effort by the mint to beat their 2016 Fort Moultrie design. Furthermore, the Douglass puck arrived at my doorstep with damage to the protective plastic cover. I would return it but I'm traveling a lot and it is too much work to return it for me. As the Effigy puck will "live in infamy", the Douglass puck will at least not finish last in the poor design with little interest category. The Effigy puck has yet to reach the 15,000 mintage milestone. The Douglass puck seems to have a low demand also. I continue to buy the pucks but it is getting harder to stay excited.


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    I really want one of these in the p Mark I own 5 bullion versions of different coins and would gladly trade any of them plus cash or bullion or even gold I just need I . It holds a sentimental place in my heart and I missed my opportunity. Any help on where I could procure one. Thanks Mark
  8. Phil Ham

    Phil Ham Hamster

    Here is a link to buy one on ebay. It is currently about $150 with two days left in the auction. I'm guessing that it will end at between $170-$180 based on recent history.

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  9. Odomax

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    Thanks Phil I'm watching it, it seems to have some spots on the road approaching the tunnel, I've asked the seller about it no response yet
  10. statequarterguy

    statequarterguy Love Pucks

    Yeah, that's the problem with most of the low priced ones on eBay. That's why I don't think looking at the lowest price on eBay indicates the value of the Pucks, unless you're willing to collect a set of problem coins. If I were going to buy from eBay, I'd look at certified examples and if they don't offer the OGP and you want it, buy it separately. Now that's the value of a problem free set.
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  11. Odomax

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    They didn't respond to me but stated on auction that it had "small" spots on the road. After I inquired. There was never another bid after that. I would gladly pay more than it sold for to acquire a good one. I don't necessarily like grades or encapsulated ATB there too big and hard to look at. Anyone with what I'm looking for please PM.
  12. longarm

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    Looks like the Frederick Douglass bullion puck is sold out at 20k.
  13. Phil Ham

    Phil Ham Hamster

    As a note on my value system, I don't take the lowest bid but an average of recent sold listings on ebay. It is a quick look with not much science. I will often throw out a low or high sold price as an outlier. For instance, I value the Blue Ridge puck at $174 but the one shown above went for $150. The value isn't for a 70 puck but the value of a common puck. Having said that, most of the pucks that I've gotten from the mint are 69's or 70's (self grading). Frederick Douglas was the worst one that I got and is probably a 68. The latest sales report from the mint shows the FD puck at 14,220. The collector version is far from a sell-out with quite low demand at the moment. Perhaps the sellout of the bullion puck will peak some interest.
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  14. Aquahollic

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  15. Phil Ham

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    I was visiting a manufacturing site in Waukon, Iowa yesterday. As it turns out, it was about 15 minutes from the Effigy Mounds. I was asking the employees of the factory about the mounds, and they said it was an interesting site with lots of history about the Native American burial grounds. They would often take their families there for a picnic and a beautiful hike. Although I didn't have time to visit, I've added Effigy to my bucket list.
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  16. longarm

    longarm Just another Jewish Carpenter

    Ozarks bullion puck sold out at 20K
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  17. McBlzr

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    I got my Ozarks "P" pucks today :woot:

    Ozarks bullion puck sold out at 20K, seem to be scarce to find on the bullion market & over priced o_O

    usps_delivery_smiley_animated_v2_zps2ec9ef6a.gif 100_0351.JPG 100_0352.JPG 100_0353.JPG
  18. Odomax

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    My oz ark must be soon I was on the auto order program" yours looks great
  19. Johndoe2000$

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    The best looking one that has been released in awhile. IMO of course.
  20. Phil Ham

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    With the release of the Ozark Riverway puck, I thought it was a good time for another update of the market value versus mintage dataset. The puck values trended lower in general with a big hit to the value of the Denali puck. The Ozark puck has started out the gates with little interest. It had low first week sales of just 13,740. In my opinion, it is the best puck design since Teddy Roosevelt. If you want to sell a puck, it is still best to use the "Buy it Now" option.


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