Provident Metals 1 Kilo silver giveaway *Facebook*

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    I don't know how many cointalk members use Facebook, but I am a freind of Provident Metals and they are giving away a 1 Kilo silver bar for free in a contest. I copy/pasted from a Facebook post they posted. Good luck.

    I chose 5/5/11 at 1:13 PM as my guess.

    Provident Precious Metals
    Be the first to guess the time of day, within 5 minutes, that silver passes $50 and win one Kilo of Silver, over a $1700 value! To play, post your guess here on our Facebook page. You will need to include your first name and first letter of you last name, and the exact time and date you predict silver’s price to pass $50.

    For example:
    Jimmy H. – 6/12/11 at 1:22PM
    Silver Kilo Giveaway!!!
    Predict $50 spot silver and win $1700 in prizes!!! According to the London Fix price on Jan
    April 20 at 5:25pm
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