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Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by GStephan, Feb 22, 2006.

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    Hello everyone,
    Awhile back I bought the complete set of the 1997 and 1999 Proof Platinum Eagles. I'm now interested in purchasing the 2000 proof set, or at least the 2000 Proof 1oz Platinum Eagle (depending how difficult it will be to find either of them). I'm curious if anyone can give me some information as to how many of the 2000 $100 Proof Eagles were minted and what the current price is for them (rough estimate)?

    Also, does anyone know how many of the 2005 Proof 1oz Platinum Eagles have been minted?

    Thank you for your time,
    Graham Stephan
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  3. RickieB

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    Howdy Graham,

    The US Mint is often very slow in releasing proof mintage information as such is the case with these and other proof coins. I can assure you that the mintages have been declining year after year on Plat coins with 2005 being a record low for the uncirculated version. Here is a site that I often go back to for purchasing plat eagles (prf) the owners name is Jeff Smith and he is in Idaho. Great guy has top quality PCGS material and sometimes sets still in mint package. The cost of Platinum is sky high but in my opinion, these are the rarities being produced today as mintages are just so low. For me, I have been putting together the 1/10th oz in both uncirculated and proof.. 3 coins away from completion at the moment.
    I submitted a thread on the Plat eagles a few weeks ago in the US Coins fourm here on coin talk..check it out..I will be posting some others as they arrive. Good luck and keep me posted. By the way..the mintages for the uncirculated are on the mints website thru 2005, look for special programs select Plat Eagles uncirc and walla!
    Call Jeff and talk with him..tell him Rick from the Boston area sent you..he has done many favors for me so this will show him that it's appreciated. He has all the Plat Eagles (proof) listed on his site.

    As far as price..Graded PCGS Prf DCAM69 $2600-2700.00 Gov Packaging $2500-2600.00
    Good luck!!

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