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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Roman Collector, Jul 19, 2020.

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    Here is the problem when someone writes a book and guesses. I prefer the Socia option but that is just my guess. Until we find further evidence, we know that there was SR on the coins and that is about all. My gut feeling has never been comfortable with the Senate reading since it seemed strange for a city to use that in a time of a strong emperor. Such feelings are, in the end, just guesses, too. All this is fine as long as we realize that there is a difference between knowing and believing.
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    An enjoyable, informative post and interesting coins, @Roman Collector. Here's a Septimius Severus, without S-R, smaller AE 22mm, 4.68g.
    Pisidia Antioch Septimius.jpg
    Pisidia, Antioch, Septimius Severus, 193-211, AE
    Obv: L SEPT SEV PE-RT AVG IMP P P, laureate head right
    Rev: ANTIOCH GEN COL CA, Genius of the Colonia Antioch, standing left, holding branch and cornucopia

    Is ANTIOCH GEN COL CA == Antioch Genio Colonia Caesar?
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    Thanks for the post! I think this is the reference for anyone interested. Johannes Nollé "A new proposal to resolve the letters “SR” on Antioch coins near Pisidia, in: Rome and the Greek East".

    "What title did Antioch represent on its coins with the abbreviation "SR"? A hint is given on the coins which, as I have mentioned, links the two letters to military events, perhaps even concretely to victories over the Iranian opponents i.e. Parthians and Sassanids. In fact there is an honorary title, which refers to the participation of cities in Roman wars, that can be abbreviated with the letters SR and plays a role in the self-portrayal of the "Colonia and Socia of the Romans" cities - also found on the coins. The support of Roman campaigns in the east (and elsewhere in the empire) was specifically expressed by the title of an σύμμαχος Ρωμαίωυ ["sýmmachos Romaíon" or "ally of the Romans"]. The Greek title is a translation of the Latin honorary predicate "Socius or Socia Romanorum", which, I would like to show, was likely granted to the city of Antioch near Pisidia under the rule of Septimius Severus."
    - Johannes Nollé, "Colonia und Socia der Römer". Ein neuer Vorschlag zur Auflösung der Buchstaben "SR" auf den Münzen von Antiocheia bei Pisidien, in: Rom und der Griechische Osten. Festschrift H.H. Schmitt zum 65. Geburtstag, Stuttgart 1995, 350-370.
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    Septimius Severus Ae 30 Antioch in Pisidia Krzyzanowska XXXI/41 Rv. Victory flying right 205-211 A.D. 22.62 grms. 30mm pisidant septsev4.JPG Years ago when I was studying this coinage I noticed that the S R application was only found on the very large 30mm or so coins struck at this mint from Septimius through to Gordian III. Afterwards the module shrinks starting with the coins of Gordian but these have radiate crowns. The smaller denominations minted from Septimius through to Severus Alexander do not have the S R. At the time I thought it might actually might signify that the coin was the equivalent of a Roman sestertius. However again this is just a thought.
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    PISIDIA, Antiochia. Severus Alexander. AD 222-235. Æ
    O: Laureate head right
    R: River god Anthius reclining left, holding cornucopia and resting elbow upon overturned urn from which liquid flows; reed to right

    Krzyźanowska tab. 25, I/5 (same dies)
  8. svessien

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    Great write up again, @Roman Collector

    I’m afraid I have only this coin to contribute with:


    Pisidia. Antioch. Titus, as Caesar AD 69-79. AE25

    Volume: II №: 1605
    Reign: Vespasian Persons: Titus (Caesar)
    City: Antioch Region: Pisidia Province: Galatia-Cappadocia
    Denomination: Copper (22 mm) Average weight: 6.37 g. Issue: AD 76
    Obverse: T CAES IMP PONT; laureate head of Titus, r.
    Reverse: ANT COL; priest holding vexillum ploughing with two oxen, r.; above, crescent
    Reference: Krzyżanowska pp. 136–7, SNG France 1076–7 Specimens: 18
    Weight: 5,88g Diameter: 25mm Conservation: Fine
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