Perth Mint Silver Swans?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by alucard86, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. alucard86

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    What are your opinions on the value of these "limited" 25,000 minted Australian Silver Swans? Are they worth the initial premium on it given that the secondary market prices it between 75-100$ for the 2017 (first year)? I believe in 2017 the silver coin was sold at APMEX for 28-30$ when silver was around 17$/oz.

    The 2018 versions are coming out soon. I guess the proof versions would be a better investment because there's only 2,500 minted for 2018. I would probably just go with the gold ones if I could afford to buy some.

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  3. cpm9ball

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    Anyone who considers numismatics an investment must have deep pockets. Otherwise, they are foolish.

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  4. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    From what I have seen, the silver proof swans have not done too well. Recent ebay sales are around $100; after fees, this is close to break-even for these.

    The Silver BU bullion version has held up better with sales around $60 (I believe Apmex had these as low as ~$24 initially).

    In general, a 2,500 mintage proof from Perth is not unusual, but a 25,000 bullion mintage is lower than standard (many are 50,000 or higher).

    The 2018 silver bullion version would be the one to watch. However, I have a feeling Apmex will use the popularity of the 2017 and price the 2018 in the $35-$40 range (and thus limit any further price appreciation).
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  5. stoster38

    stoster38 Member Supporter

    I bought the 2017 & I’m looking forward to getting this year’s version. Hopefully it’s not too expensive!!
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    Beautiful coin ,next to the 2 oz. queens beast. The stock horse also very nice set
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  7. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    Anyone get the 2018 Silver BU Swan?
    Apmex had them for around $28 (from what I read) for a brief moment (maybe an hour?) and kept raising the price as more sold. Currently they have them at a bit over $46 (sales are also in the $40-$50 range on ebay).
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