Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Jimm, Dec 15, 2019.

  1. Jimm

    Jimm Active Member

    the 2018 and 19 have no rim. They are flat. Unlike the 98 and others have rims.errors? What are they worth _20191213_014924.JPG _20191213_014955.JPG

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  3. paddyman98

    paddyman98 Let me burst your bubble! Supporter

    That's normal. Worn Die issue.

    Worth? 1 Cent each.
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  4. ldhair

    ldhair Clean Supporter

    1 cent each.
  5. Conder101

    Conder101 Numismatist

    I answered/explained how it occurs on your other thread.

    Not a worn die issue.
  6. Clawcoins

    Clawcoins Well-Known Member

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