Newbie question about Gold Prices.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Beardigger, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. Beardigger

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    I was just wondering about the differences in gold prices listed in different websites. I understand the difference in bid price and ask price......for my example we will talk ask price. 3 different websits list 3 different ask prices at the same time. JMBullion has it at 1785.......Kitco has it at $1781.....and has it at $1782. Why the spread?
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  3. GoOoldmember

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    To confuse us some more...

    CNBC has gold FUTURES @1799$!

    FYI....I write down the gold price on the 1st of every month and this always bothers me......Which one?!?! (I use Kitco)
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  4. fretboard

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    The differences is usually because they update their systems at different hours, that's all it is. Normally they are physically located in different States and some aren't even in the US, like Kitco, they are a Canadian company. Gold is kickin' butt right now and the price is really strong! tmoney.gif All I do is float between a couple of different websites, usually JMBullion, and Kitco. Feel free to pick some you like, you'll get use to the different amounts at the same time! The best thing to keep in mind is if you want to make a few bucks within a few years, hold some gold, even if you have to pay today's prices!! To me it's a no brainer, to others, they don't want no part of it! :D
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