New UCB SAE offer - $14 + free s/h

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by maksimfa, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. maksimfa

    maksimfa New Member

    Found on another forum. Just placed order for 1. Apprently due to shortage of silver and delays at mint, the limit was reduced to 1 from 3.


    Vault Verification UINTLRS0109 (these are zeros)
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  3. maksimfa

    maksimfa New Member

    44 views, no comments?
  4. The_Cave_Troll

    The_Cave_Troll The Coin Troll

    search the forum (as well as others) for UCB for the solution to the lack of comments. Mike wins his legal battles.
  5. maksimfa

    maksimfa New Member

    will have to do. thanks. as a new collector, figure this is a great way to get in.
  6. The_Cave_Troll

    The_Cave_Troll The Coin Troll

    by purchasing this "starter coin" that UCB uses as a loss leader you have added your name to one of the most aggressive telemarketer's call lists. If you are new to collecting then be very cautious with all of your purchases. I have never met someone who purchased coins from them and didn't lose money in the process when the time to sell came along.
  7. ice

    ice Just happy to be here

    Since I am new what is UCB? Ice
  8. The_Cave_Troll

    The_Cave_Troll The Coin Troll

    UCB is Universal Coin and Bullion, owned and operated by numismatist Mike Fuljenz.
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