Nazi era silver coins?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by FryDaddyJr, May 5, 2019.

  1. usmc 6123

    usmc 6123 Active Member Supporter Dealer

    I come to this site to have fun and to learn about coins. I am now selling all my potato famine coins what was I thinking.
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  3. Charles Van Tine

    Charles Van Tine New Member

    Hi Heavymetal. I you ever want to sell the Ike jacket please let me know. My e-mail is : [redacted by moderator] Thanks. Charlie

    Hi, Charlie. Please read the rules; Rules 3-A and 3-C in particular. You are welcome to contact the other party by private message. ~Mod

    *I almost said, "Sorry, Charlie" in there, but it sounded too much like an old Star-Kist Tuna commercial.
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  4. Heavymetal

    Heavymetal Supporter! Supporter

    Gee Rob, the guy just wants to buy my stuff. Rules? lol Just for the record and for @Charles Van Tine my father’s uniform is not for sale
  5. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    I just put (3) Nazi era coins in our local Meridian Auction, Idaho that will be available to bid in three or four weeks and I expect them to go for $10-12 dollars ea
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  6. harley bissell

    harley bissell Well-Known Member

    I accumulate wartime issues of every country that we have fought a war with. I also accumulate their stamps. Issues before that period and after that period do not interest me. Eventually they will illustrate a guide to war trophies. We as a nation have already condemned the countries we fought wars against. I would not equate a concentration camp guard with a waffen ss. I could possibly enjoy a conversation with a waffen ss if we could overcome the language barriers. I have met NVA and VC veterans in this country and also ARVN veterans. We have more in common than I have with many Americans. This site discourages political comments so I won't specify the types of Americans that I detest.
  7. Kentucky

    Kentucky Supporter! Supporter

    Do you collect Roman Imperial...there are some bad guys.
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  8. chrisild

    chrisild Coin Collector

    And others may find other aspects of history more interesting. For example, I am in Germany and don't know how many times France and Germany (or any of the countries that later became Germany) have been at war - way too many. Another reason why I like the idea that DE and FR now share the same currency, and even have "joint issue" commems ...

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  9. Randy Abercrombie

    Randy Abercrombie Supporter! Supporter

    I hear where you are coming from. There is nothing that can make the atrocities that symbol represents as OK...... I went to a gun show not long ago to stock up on some cheap ammo. I was taken back at two large booths set up and selling all manner of Nazi arms, flags, hats, helmets etc. It appalled me to the point that I had to tell that dealer face to face how unacceptable I felt his wares were.

    However I rather see it differently when it comes to coinage. As collectors we are but temporary caretakers to these historical artifacts. We all have different reasons for collecting and you have to admit that even in it’s depravity, the coin is eye appealing. And if we turn away from what took place in that time, then we are that much closer to allowing those atrocities to be forgotten. So I wouldn’t harshly judge a collector for owning a piece of history. Even if it was likely the darkest hour of modern history. It is what we are called to do.
  10. capthank

    capthank Well-Known Member

    We killed and relocated the indigenous peoples of this land to expand our nation. Should I not collect US coins? I am a disabled veteran and I don't hate the people I fought aginst. Life goes on and collecting makes my life more pleasurable.
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  11. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Junior Member

  12. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Jim on tonite? devil.gif
  13. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    You can discuss the coins ,but not political aspects, and personal opinions on history or politics. Non-coins and rounds can be discussed if PM and thus bullion, but not if they are political or subject matter that violates the rules. . Again if you insist it is your right , go to an alternate site and do such, it is not wanted here. Thanks. Jim
  14. green18

    green18 Unknown member Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    The 'law' is on tonite and my comment has been 'splashed'........remember the past people, for if not remembered it could surely be repeated........
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