Me and my friends were going to invest in mining

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by rickrossthus, Mar 27, 2011.

  1. rickrossthus

    rickrossthus New Member

    We all were going to invest about ten thousand dollars. I wanted to know if this is enough for a good start.
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  3. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Hammer at the Ready Moderator

    Sort of depends on what you mean by investing in mining. It's probably not enough to start your own commercial mining venture. On the other hand, if you're talking about buying stock in some mining company, if they're listed on an exchange like NYSE or NASDAQ, then certainly it is enough to buy some shares in the company.
  4. rickrossthus

    rickrossthus New Member

    Yeah we are trying to invest in a company that is already made. But, is my initial invesment enough for a good start?
  5. Peter T Davis

    Peter T Davis Hammer at the Ready Moderator

    Is the company private or public?
  6. rickrossthus

    rickrossthus New Member

    I actually do not know right now we are just studying the market.
  7. vertstang86

    vertstang86 Owner of The SHTF Network

    just remember, physical metals are better than paper metals... ;)
  8. Guardian1

    Guardian1 New Member

    For just an investment into an already established company, seems pretty decent to me. I pondered doing the same a few years back. Just so happened everything tanked the week after I began studying the market. Decided to hold off until right before it started recovering. Waited just a bit too long. Wish I did though, my investment was only going to be a grand into 3 different companies of different regions.
  9. BrendanM

    BrendanM New Member

    Wow 10k investment, hope it works out for you man.
  10. garfiun1

    garfiun1 New Member

    Hope that you find a good investment and I dont like investing in companys. They may be going strong today and crash and burn in the morning. Its too risky for me.
  11. Coin Chick

    Coin Chick Loves Gold

    Yes that is so true. I would not want the paper metals. I am not really attracted to doing that.
  12. renu

    renu New Member

    Just keep yourself updated with the market trends for couple of days before investing. This will help you in deciding in which to invest.
  13. vest007

    vest007 New Member

    Everyone is excited about mining because of the mining boom going on in countries like Australia. I just want everyone to stay cautious. It is just like the case of Rhodium. The price of Rhodium went from $1,000 / ounce to $10,000 / ounce in 2008. Everyone were running to invest in companies which produce Rhodium. Within 2-3 months, the price went down 10 times (to the former price). Lot of people lost money.

    Right now Iron Ore and Coal mining companies are shooting up. If you are very confident, then go ahead and invest.
  14. ahsegal

    ahsegal New Member

    Make sure you do extensive research. As stated by vest007, I don't personally think now is the time to invest, being as I think there is a lot of inflation and other reasons why we are seeing such highs on metals like ore/coal.
  15. tbirdzig

    tbirdzig New Member

    I do NOT suggest in paper ETF's or Mining stocks because it is not the "REAL THING" physical metals will always be and perform better than paper. An example of this is this:

    What if gold doubled. It went to $4,000 now lets say you invested in XYZ Mining. While gold might have doubled your stock went to nothing because the company went bankrupt. You just have to remind yourself that you are not investing in the metal but a company that digs up the metal.
  16. Carol1

    Carol1 New Member

    You said, "we all". Does that mean each of you are going to invest 10k or all of you together? Either way it is a huge investment, and I would say it is a great investment to start out. You can always invest in more supplies and you begin to grow.
  17. Victor Leigh

    Victor Leigh New Member

    First things first. What happens if you lose all that 10K? Would you take a one-way flight from the top of a 20-storey building? I am asking just to make sure that it's money you can afford to lose. With the best research, you can still make a mistake. In fact, people with lots more experience than either you or me have made worse mistakes.

    Personally, I would just use that money to buy some real gold or silver, depending on your preference.
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