Lame local coin dealer--what are best online/mail order dealers to sell gold coins to?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by WoodyWW, Jun 29, 2019.

  1. imrich

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    I've included an attachment of 4 "tough date" double eagles that were recently sold to an associate for the best offer received from dealers within 100 miles.

    These coins were previously in slabs having grades from AU50 to MS62. They were shown to coin club members, who like I could find no evidence of cleaning except a few die polish lines that stopped directly at devices.

    The amount paid for the coins was $160 less than todays melt price for the coins, which is down $15/ounce.

    I took an appreciable loss on the coins, but instead of submitting to organizations that can readily destroy your coins value by declaring "ungradable", I now have photos slabs, and replacement quality double eagles in mint state slabs with "green beans".

    I have much greater respect for the opinion supplied with a "bean".

    I personally believe your desires are unrealistic, without due market evaluation, and you've received a fair current market price for your commodity.


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  3. WoodyWW

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    Did you read my previous post where I said: "I guess that dealer wasn't B.S.-ing me after all, & maybe his offer was at least in the ballpark."? If I had known all the stuff you guys are telling me here when I went into that coin store, I would've taken his offer. But I didn't know. As far as my "desires being unrealistic"--that's the first dealer I took it to, so I didn't know if it was a fair offer, or not. It seemed low to me at the time, so I came here to ask questions.
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  4. myownprivy

    myownprivy Well-Known Member

    He didn't read your previous post and he didn't offer you constructive advice. The forum is made up of mostly older men. Thus, their postings will be made with little regard for what other people have already said in the thread. And there will likely be large doses of their nostalgia thrown in with those responses, too.
  5. Kentucky

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    I resemble that remark... :)
  6. -jeffB

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    The really funny part? I have it on good authority that @myownprivy will someday, most likely, be old as well. :rolleyes:
  7. ToughCOINS

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    The third Sunday Show is at the Holiday Inn in Nashua, NH. Normally, there are a couple of dozen dealers, probably half of which would make an offer on your coin.
  8. imrich

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    I'm sorry sonny, but this isn't one of your protected "social media" sites where when individuals make irrational subjective STATEMENTS (e.g. "Lame local coin dealer", "3% under for proof gold Eagles sounds low.", "He didn't read your previous post and he didn't offer you constructive advice"), they may be called "STUPID".

    I gave an example of how a 5 dollar figure 4 certified (i.e. or 1 coin) coins should have value objectively established before selling at a diminished 4 dollar sum. "for the best offer received from dealers within 100 miles." I stated traveling to a coin club meeting (4 hr. R.T. away from home), having images sent within 100 miles from home to dealers, and accepting the best local offer, regardless of cost. What is your OBJECTIVE contribution? I had read the O.P. statement of only contacting a singular individual, and properly referred to same: "without due market evaluation".

    I personally hope that you, in the near future, learn some of the traits of "Older" (more mature?) individuals, who recognize that subjective defamatory STATEMENTS about others may constitute LIBEL legal action. I hope you will properly investigate, possibly cite resources, before publishing future erroneous believed "trash".

    I apologize to the O.P. if my response was taken as other than a corrective recommendation for future efforts.

  9. imrich

    imrich Supporter! Supporter

    Your informative statement is believed appreciated by many of us! Please continue your FINE efforts. Rich
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