JP Morgan now holds more silver than the Hunt brothers ever did.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by sakata, Jan 18, 2018.

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    As I recall, I did not mention you at all. I said wall street pollyannas. And I said it because no matter what these bullion room discussions are called, they are at their root-- continuity of the status quo versus disruptions in the status quo and which one does someone believe in.

    Oracles? It doesn't take an oracle to look out the window and see the political, military and economic situations that exist today. But of course we can't talk about those things can we? Oh no, the cadillac ranch can gush all day long about the wonders of wall street but don't you stackers talk about political situations that you believe will lead to disruptions in the status quo and/or an advantageous situation for PMs.

    Oh, and since you did mention oracles and since all roads from the bullion room lead to wall street, does wall street astrology qualify as an oracle pointing the way to unicorn salvation and silver stacker rehabilitation?

    Google seems to have quite a bit of information about wallstreet astrology. Shazam! All this time I thought wallstreet geniuses were just geniuses.
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    Gee, and in the paper today it details how people are placing more and more on the CME because manufacturers cannot find anyone who wants to buy. You want to buy silver, knock yourself out. No one else is buying much, you should get a good deal. I am seeing some of the lowest premiums on junk silver than I have seen in almost a decade.

    Myself, I still buy silver, but because I love it not really as a pm play. Too bulky to put much money in, gold and platinum more condensed.
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    The time to buy anything is when no one else wants it. The time to sell is when everyone wants it.
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