Is APMEX trusted?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by dadc, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. dadc

    dadc New Member

    Hello! I have been looking at gold prices for the last 4 months and I have decided that I can't wait any longer to purchase gold bullion. My concerns are of the purity of the gold sent from APMEX and my other concern is if I am being charged too high a premium.
    They are asking for 1,637.89 1 oz Pamp Suisse Gold Bar .9999 Fine (in Assay) , I realize the spot price is at 1583~ at the moment.. anyone have any suggestions thanks for your time!
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  3. gopher29

    gopher29 Coin Hoarder

    Yes. They are considered by many to be one of the best places online to order Gold and Silver bullion from. Their prices are generally reasonable and often better if you get on their mailing list and wait for a sale. Unfortunately, they do charge a service fee for paying via credit card. I have ordered from them once or twice myself in the past and have nothing negative to report.
  4. dadc

    dadc New Member

    Thank you I read some of the other posts answering the same question.. Just wanted to be sure ..

    I appreciate the response
  5. westindia

    westindia New Member

    if its a pamp suisse bar that has nothing to do with apmex, unless you are worried they are selling you a fake which i'd sincerely doubt. if you just want exposure to gold then you should go with somehting else IMO, because those pamps will be at a higher premium.
  6. gopher29

    gopher29 Coin Hoarder

    Don't forget about ebay as well. While Apmex is a standup company asking relatively reasonable premiums over spot for their inventory I can personally attest to having found better deals on Ebay over the years. So long as you pay via credit card though Paypal you need not worry too much about getting ripped off (and of course don't buy any metals from any Chinese sellers).
  7. Lon Chaney

    Lon Chaney Well-Known Member

    Yeah, APMEX is great. Their premiums are a bit high, but they're still great with shipping, and products. I'd suggest buying an AGE maybe, though.
  8. InfleXion

    InfleXion Wealth Preserver

    APMEX is probably the most trusted online dealer, and yes their premiums aren't always the most competetive, but peace of mind is worth the extra cost to some. Personally I would call around your local coin shops to see if you can get a better deal. Plus you can look at it in person before you buy. I don't think you need to worry about the purity since APMEX is just a retailer, not a mint. Where quality might be a concern is if you get an unknown type of coin or bar, but Pamp Suisse are well known and a lot of people like the design. Canadian Maple Leaves also have .9999 purity and are my coin of choice.
  9. 1970 Silver Art

    1970 Silver Art Silver Art Bar Collector

    APMEX is a trusted online dealer IMO. I have done some past business with them and I did not have any problems with them. The thing that you will have to look out for is their shipping charges. The shipping charges will be a big factor especially on small purchases.
  10. green18

    green18 Sweet on Commemorative Coins Supporter

    Oh they're trusted. I just don't like what they charge for shipping. Makes me feel like my pocket's being "picked".......
  11. Pepperoni

    Pepperoni Senior Member

    Trust no one, but APMEX is about as good as you will find !

  12. fatima

    fatima Junior Member

    Keep in mind that "spot price" is the price for immediately delivery of a 100 oz or 400 oz bar of gold. Anything less is going to carry a higher handling premium. Don't expect any online vendor to deliver a 1 oz gold bullion at the spot price. It costs them money to acquire these little amounts and if you pay by credit card, there is a substantial charge. Getting the gold to you is also going to require some sort of premium delivery for security reasons.

    APMEX is a good vendor and they are one of the few that will allow you to pay with a check to avoid the credit card/wire costs. I've never had a problem with them.
  13. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Junior Member

    no they aren't. Golden Eagle has them listed for 23 over spot.
  14. mill rat41

    mill rat41 Member

    I trust apmex %100. But my last bullion purchase was through my local dealer (one age, and a roll of ase). After shipping charges the cost was about the same, with no shipping hassles. Be prepared to pay cash for the best price.
  15. RGJohn777

    RGJohn777 Junior Member

    There are posts on this site, including one of my own, offering gold one ounce US coins. The quality of every coin is validated by the US Mint. We ( me, you, and APMEX) just buy and sell them.
  16. Inquisitive

    Inquisitive Starting 2 know something

    I've ordered from them and was happy with the results.
  17. Owle

    Owle Junior Member

    Once again, absolutely, Apmex is trusted, but so are many others that have been around a lot longer, but with wider spreads.

    At the customer feedback section on "Yahoo", "Google", and so forth for your local coin shop, you could give references for dealers like Apmex, Heritage and Spectrum who are paying top dollar, and selling without a big mark-up, so that the local shop will be encouraged to offer tighter spreads on bullion and offer more for coins and currency. Sam Sloat, for example, here in CT is not offering top dollar and I would hope customers would look elsewhere until they offer more for what they buy and have tighter spreads with bullion. You would be lucky to get 80% of spot for platinum eagles at Sloat. It is clear that Apmex is close to running a very ethical business. Look at their posted prices on the internet and in Coin World. They have provided an invaluable service to the country.
  18. Pepperoni

    Pepperoni Senior Member

    If you order 1 coin or 500 silver rounds it is still 24.95 shipping. The weight is 42lbs for 500 rounds shipped.
    Fifty K in gold rounds 24.95 unless you reach their platinum level ,where shipping is free.
  19. anchor1112

    anchor1112 Senior Member

    i don't trust apmex.
  20. FryDaddyJr

    FryDaddyJr Junior Member

    that's nice. any reason?
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