If you don't Silver Stack you will be left behind

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by SunriseCoins, Mar 22, 2015.


Silver or Fiat which one wins in the long run?

This poll will close on Mar 22, 2045 at 4:18 AM.
  1. Silver

  2. Fiat

  1. SunriseCoins

    SunriseCoins Active Member

    Be a Winner,Stack Silver. Get as much as you can. Work the Average its your friend. My worth is how many 0z's of Silver I have. Strong Hands.
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  3. bkozak33

    bkozak33 Collector

    Fiat wins in the end
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  4. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    What does "fiat" mean in this context?
  5. Dougmeister

    Dougmeister Well-Known Member

    Ah. Makes much more sense than stacking tiny sports cars. Thanks.
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  6. SteveCaruso

    SteveCaruso Counterfeit Collector

    Far too few choices.

    You can't eat either of them.

    But go ahead and feed the "buy silver" paranoia. :)
  7. littlehugger

    littlehugger Active Member

    If its paranoia, its been around thousands of years.
    Um, we make coins out of silver, because it has value. "Stacking silver" is simply saving money.
    I would not bet the mortgage money on it, but silver is not a bad investment for a coin collector. Buy rolls of "junk" silver to fill in the common dates in your album, then fill in the keys individually. You end up with both bullion and a set
  8. cpm9ball

    cpm9ball CANNOT RE-MEMBER

    I used to have a Fiat Spider.

  9. xGAJx

    xGAJx Happy

    Well, silver seems to be going nowhere lately, and it's main use as a commodity is as a panic button. When tensions rise across the country, prices rise because these sorts of stuff have lasting value. The pool is biased because obviously nobody is going to invent in just money, inflation will eat it up over time. Stocks/bonds are some of the best ways to counter inflation and a profit if you know what your doing, but like everything have their own set of risks to be careful of. Silver may go down in the short term, but it will always have permanent value till the scientists can find miraculous substitutes and make commodities useless. Stocks on the other hand, fluctuate greatly in time's of crisis. Risk/Reward.
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  10. -jeffB

    -jeffB Greshams LEO Supporter

    Wow, nice... um... collection of catch-phrases?
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  11. Mikey Zee

    Mikey Zee Delenda Est Carthago

    Well, I continue to buy silver a bit at a time...sort of a forced savings with a potential to actually increase in value per ounce given its very low prices compared to past years.. For me, Silver is the few affordable 'investments' I can make considering my early retired and fixed income status and it's always a highly liquid source of funds... and now it appears to be jumping back up to $17.00/oz again. I'm betting it will hover and exceed $20.00/oz or more by years end---But who really knows!!!???
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  12. littlehugger

    littlehugger Active Member

    I think investing in silver is wise, up to a point. Silver has the same positives and negatives as other commodities. It rises and falls. It can have and has had bubbles. But, silver is not an American thing, or a coin collector thing. It is a human thing. Silver has inherent value because people covet it. This remains true even in crisis. In fact, its magnified.
    Stocks, bonds and paper money only have value in an advanced culture. This is also true of some commodities, such as oil. But, silver and gold have actual value up to the point of a Stone Age culture, where Og values food, shelter, weapons and women.
    Silver, and other precious metals can thus be just as good an investment as the paper ones, but has the advantages of maintained value in crisis that would make paper investments worthless.
    One positive for silver is its relatively low value, making it available to many who can invest in it over time, in modest quantities. For $1200 you can get a single one ounce gold coin, or 8 pounds of silver. You can get it as small as dimes, up to huge bars. Given any crisis short of Apocalypse, those silver coins are going to be way more useful, and valuable.
    Yeah, silver has its ups and downs, but it has positive qualities none of the paper investments have.
  13. SunriseCoins

    SunriseCoins Active Member

    @LittleHugger,I agree with everything you have wrote. Stack On,Bud
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  14. SteveCaruso

    SteveCaruso Counterfeit Collector

    Colorado Silver Boom (and subsequent ghost towns), Silver Thursday (and the huge crash after), the Commodities Boom of the 2000s (and silver's plummeting prices now), etc..

    Usually fueled by hype or fear. Always crash back down. Always beaten in the long term by diversified portfolios. Silver is no panacea, and it's risky.

    I'm actually glad silver is down as far as it is now and I'd love to see it lower. I'm able to catch up with some holes in my ASE collection. :)
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  15. cash4coin

    cash4coin ran 20 redlights

    I like putting silver in my safe more than greenbacks
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  16. SunriseCoins

    SunriseCoins Active Member

    This coming weeks events that will effect Silver:*"Little movement up for Silver this week."

    Tuesday, March 24

    Time-13:30 – U.S Core Consumer Price Index


    Wednesday, March 25

    Time-13:30 – U.S Core Durable Goods


    Friday, March 27

    Time-13:30 – Third U.S GDP 4Q 2014 Estimate

    Friday, March 27

    Time-20:45 –FOMC Chair Yellen Speaks

    *"My advice is search out these Events for this week,so you can form your thoughts."

    *"Overall we may see a little up rise in Silver. Few cents by the end of this week from the start of the week. By this months end to the beginning of next month April the weakness in trade price for silver will be back."
  17. Gilbert

    Gilbert Part time collector Supporter

    Name a fiat currency that has lasted 5000 years.
  18. drathbun

    drathbun Well-Known Member

    Now that's long term investing. ;) I'm only worried about the next 50...
  19. sportpak

    sportpak Member

  20. saltysam-1

    saltysam-1 Junior Member

    When the final curtain call happens for mankind, they will both exist and both rest in the same grave.
  21. OldGoldGuy

    OldGoldGuy Members Only Jacket

    Everyone is cool with women being barter-able objects?

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