I Says it Once and I Says it Again

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Eminem, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. mikem2000

    mikem2000 Lost Cause

    Great point Peace, I have always admired the true to values, high quality life you have set up for yourself there in Utah and yet you were just lumped in with the general stacker population who goes around kicking dirt blaming the man for their shortcomings. How did that feel?, that was wrong huh.

    Now turn it around, it is just as wrong to lump all CEO's, Gov folks, political folks etc together and assume guilt and conspiracies How about giving the folks a break and insist on seeing some proof, before you start throwing stones. Just a thought......
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  3. PeacePeople

    PeacePeople Wall St and stocks, where it's at

    It's hard for somebody to determine who or what somebody is by messages posted on a message board. It's not quite as hard to determine what somebody is by their actions when they're in the public sector.
  4. mikem2000

    mikem2000 Lost Cause

    I am sure your accuser felt the same way and thought he knew exactly who you were also. It is confusing to me how you "just know" I stick to my position, I like to see some proof.
  5. PeacePeople

    PeacePeople Wall St and stocks, where it's at

    Did I state that I just know in my post?

    You'd like some proof of me just knowing and I'd like to wake up to a supermodel making me breakfast every morning (preferably a mute one), I don't think either of those are likely.
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  6. Nuglet

    Nuglet Active Member

    True, but the way I think of it is that you need people at the tip of the spear that are true believers to make change. If soldiers are half-hearted about their mission it will have a high chance of failure. So sometimes it takes loonies to actually make a difference for the more moderate people.
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  7. BullionBill

    BullionBill Member

    Wow, after reading this thread..

    Thank God. I die a true American.
  8. Hotpocket

    Hotpocket Supreme Overlord

    I was not directing my post at you. Not everything is about you. I specifically said "some people", as I hear that type of nonsense far too often from far too many people (usually young people).
    Yes, I have no clue about you or your spectacular life, nor do I care. But when I hear that the government is out to get us (your "us and them" statement), it reminds me of a lot of the whiners that blame their lot in life on the proverbial "them". Boohoo.
  9. Hotpocket

    Hotpocket Supreme Overlord

    Umm... not sure how you've arrived at that conclusion. What does getting on TV have to do with anything, at all (even a little bit)?

    My opinion is that if all the gold in Ft. Knox has disappeared, good luck keeping it a secret. Most people cant keep their mouth shut, and something like that would leak out - bad news travels fast.

    I'm bored with this discussion though. Have fun, i am going to go take a nap now.
  10. mikem2000

    mikem2000 Lost Cause

    C'mon Peace, I am judging you by your actions (posts) This whole thing started with you thinking there is something up with the German Gold because you somehow feel that deliveries once every 3 1/2 days are too slow. This is the absolute only thing you have got to go on and yet that seems to be enough to accuse folks you don't even know of felonies. If you are now going to backtrack and say something, I didn't accuse no one, well then keep it too yourself. Lets at least have some evidence before folks get thrown under the bus.
  11. I don't think it is an excuse for self pity or fabricated stories, but I do believe that history shows time again and again that many people really are selfish and many of them are out to gain power over the masses and take everything they have. If no conspiracy ever existed, then no one would have reason to fear. I don't believe that fear came natural, until it happened repeatedly throughout history. If power trips can happen within a small workplace, imagine how bad they can get at high government positions. On the flip side of the coin, most are not trying to do you harm. I like what Mikem said, "be rational" and "to some degree".
    And the gold is not in fort knox...I heard the aliens took it when they were taking Elvis away in their spaceship.
  12. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency Supporter

    That's because it was the Kang's
    gold mine.
  13. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    It was only right that the aliens take back gold as it seems to be formed from supernovas or neutron star collisions ( maybe their doings) . Read this article if you want to really know the secrets of GOLD.


    Half of the earth's gold is suspected to be in the core with iron, lead, and other heavy elements, but most of the surface gold humans have mined come from meteorites and asteroid collisions over the life of the rocky earth. Also read the section on Color, as why most metals are silvery-grey to grey, Gold is yellow on the surface where valence electrons become plasmons ( not in your high school chemistry book).

    Really a very deep article written relatively easy to understand, except for perhaps some chemistry.

    Interestingly , the very thing that may someday destroy human life on earth ( asteroid ) may bring a huge amount of gold with it, just no one to really profit from it. :)
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  14. longnine009

    longnine009 Most Exalted Excellency Supporter

    Sounds like the un-stacked are jealous of our PMs and are planning a false flag op. :p
  15. Hmmm. that is actually pretty interesting. Thanks for sharing. Although I could help but laugh when you said the "secrets" were on wikipedia. hahahha. no offense, just comically put. I wonder if a gold carrying meteor hits earth if a silver carrying meteor will follow soon after since some say silver follows gold. :blackalien::wacky::blackalien:
  16. desertgem

    desertgem MODERATOR Senior Errer Collecktor Moderator

    My main use of wikipedia is for the references they give for such comments. One can see if it was on Fox news report from madam X, or a science based institution. The parts on color are interesting to me, as similar electron oddities produce many of the colors we see in gemstones. :)
  17. Yeah when I took college chemistry, that was my favorite topic-Light and how it relates to colors that we see. and how the characteristics of an atom or molecule characterize the stones, metals, etc. The earth is truly an amazing creation.
  18. Revi

    Revi Mildly numismatic

    Did you see how quickly silver jumped up after it hit $19? I think a lot of people had a buy order when it went under that. Why else did it dip, then head upwards? It will have a hard time getting down to $15. Silver will have to tank slowly for that to happen. It's been stuck from $19-$23 for a while now. It will either break to the upside or the downside eventually. I am betting on the upside, but don't follow me, because I am not sure which way it's going!
  19. goldcollector

    goldcollector Member

    Peacepeople too bad you didn't listen to Eminem. He was spot on
  20. Santinidollar

    Santinidollar Supporter! Supporter

    Hey @goldcollector

    Most of these people haven’t been here in eons. And guess what — They don’t want to talk to you either!
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