Homestake Silver Bullion

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by ussaty, Dec 2, 2005.

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    The Black Hills is full of sub-economic mines and prospects. 57 metals? I suppose that if you ran a whole rock analysis on a piece of sulfide ore you would find a lot of metals. Are there 57 metals on the periodic chart? I would have to look. regardless, there are not 57 metals which could occur in the same rocks. Can't happen.

    The Black Hills, for whatever reason, has always been repleat with cranks, scam artists, and dreamers. They had more stories and theories than tons of real ore. Way back in 1969, I had one old crack-pot show me how he could discover hidden "57 metals" by placing little bags of mystery minerals on the ends of sticks. He would wander around like a water witch. He was, of course, a McGovern Democrat. He was also very crazy. He was from the Keystone area.

    What did you mean by this comment? "but if I applied I'll bet I could find a job, this is the area to be in."
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    Chuckle, ;) that would be minerals Apollodorus, minerals...
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    nope...I worked there in the 1980's and purchased directly from the smelters on site there in Creede, CO...i'dd post a picture if anyone is interested in seeing one
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    Hello guys, I have this Homestake silver bar for sale.

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    A super old thread...LOL, i collect silver bars and at that price i would have to ask myself why ? there are hundreds if not thousands of mines that have closed over the years, that have produced very few silver bars but over double spot ?? there
    are several Johnson Matthey and Englehard bars with similar populations that are
    Verified that dont command that kind of money, so why is yours so speccial ??
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