Hi !! Beware !! And neat Finds.

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by abuckmaster147, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Wanted to stop and say Hi, And Please Beware of the Chinese Clone coins and Bars out there. I recently bought a child's toy through a site called Wish. Well got to looking around there site and ended up ordering a bunch of clone coins and Silvertowne and Provident clone bars from them dirt cheap. I did it to distinguish any I may buy in future for the real McCoy. I also bought a few Morgans. They also sell Clone Gold items.
    And the neat finds well I had a box of halves here since last Nov decided to look through them last night during the game. I got a bicentennial Proof, Non silver. A slight Clipped Planchet , A 1972 Floating nose, and A 1967 ender. All in All Not bad.
    TY and have a Good Day All.
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    Nice to see you.
    I started getting spam emails from wish.com so I blocked all those emails (never signed up, but they don't care).
    I perused the website once and saw all that junk too.
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