Help needed, can anyone help Id these Asian Coins and Possible Value?

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by fretboard, May 20, 2018.

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    I have a couple of coins, I don't know if they're Chinese or Taiwanese. They look Asian, that's for certain. The copper one has the Chinese money sign on it, so I'm thinking they are Chinese. Anyone have any idea on value, dates or anything else? Much appreciate any comments or assistance! ~Cheers!
    MoreTokens 020.JPG MoreTokens 022.JPG MoreTokens 023.JPG MoreTokens 024.JPG MoreTokens 028.JPG MoreTokens 030.JPG MoreTokens 032.JPG MoreTokens 031.JPG MoreTokens 035.JPG MoreTokens 027.JPG
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    I must have known that this is going to be a popular coinage... More information can be found here

    Most of them can be found in junk box lot or enough to maybe enough value to buy a cup of coffee. If your 1936 10 fen is non magnetic - this is significantly more valuable. Coins of this type are supposed to be struck in pure nickel which is magnetic, however Tientsin Mint went rouge and decided to strike coins in a lower nickel content.
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