Help me list Foreign 1 ounce .999 Silver coins

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Jswain0411, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. Jswain0411

    Jswain0411 Member

    I'm contemplating starting a collection of 1 ounce .999 silver coins from different countries. Preferably ones that mint almost every year.

    I have an American Eagle and so far my want list includes

    1. Canadian Maple Leaf
    2. Australian Koala
    3. Chinese Panda

    Help me list some more

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  3. pennywise

    pennywise Collector of dust

    Here's a few....
    Austria Philharmonic
    Mexican Libertad
    Great Britain Britannia
  4. cecilstarcher

    cecilstarcher Junior Member

    Foreign Silver Issues

    I collect silver world wide. Those countries that do annual 1oz silver are: USA - Canada - Mexico - Australia does several different ones - Great Britian - China - Austria - Isle Of Man. There are several countries that do silver issues that very rarely reach our shores. Most all are not continous bullion issues. Most are of a very limited issue with large price tags - priced way beyond true value with little resell value above melt in this country. Those listed above are becoming more pricey as each series continues. Australia and Mexico also do 2oz issues and larger.

    Some past issues like the China Panda have increased in value way above issue prices. While silver is as low as it now it is a good time to add to a collection. There will be dramatic increase in price if silver goes to $20. and beyond.
  5. Cloudsweeper99

    Cloudsweeper99 Treasure Hunter

    You might want to open up the collection to any one ounce silver coin. Not everything is .999 fine.
  6. ewomack

    ewomack Senior Member Supporter

    My favorite is the Australian Kookaburra. Who can resist a cute carnivorous pudgy bird?!

    Picture here: Kookaburra.jpg

    Loads of silver annual issues exist. Check out APMEX or Coast to Coast Coin sites for listings - they carry most of the ones already listed. You'll have no trouble finding them.
  7. MrOrganic

    MrOrganic Senior Member


    Chix in armor! :thumb:
  8. elaine 1970

    elaine 1970 material girl

    check and buy those with lesser mintage. american eagle is still the best.
  9. PiVi1962

    PiVi1962 Junior Member

    One ounce silver coins

    Well, one ounce silver coins are the most popular coins issued, so it's quite hard to name all of them. The number of series seems increasing year after year, too.
    Maybe you can try to put a limit to the number of series you are interested:
    - series that are minted only in bullion form?
    - series with no limit to mintage?
    - series whose design is fixed in time?
    - series that have not an in advance fixed time span?
    - series that have a currency value or series whose value is "1 oz silver"?
    - ...
    Here are a recap of what I know (check wikipedia, among other sources):

    1. Mexican Silver Libertad (99.90%, from 1982)
    2. Chinese Silver Panda (99.90%, 1983)
    3. American Silver Eagle (99.90%, 1986)
    4. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf (99.99%, 1988)
    5. Australian Silver Kookaburra (99.90%, 1990)
    6. Australian Silver Kangaroo (99.90%, 1993)
    7. British Silver Britannia (95.80%, 1997)
    8. Austrian Silver Philharmonik (99.90%, 2008)
    9. Russian Saint George the Victorious (99.90%, 2009)
    10. Isle of Man Cats (99.90%, 1988)
    11. Gibraltar Dogs (99.95%, 1991-1997)
    12. Australian Silver Koala (99.90%, 2007)
    13. Zambia Silver Elephant (99.90%, 1993-2003)
    14. New Zealand Silver Kiwi (99.99%, 2004)
    15. Somalia Silver Monkey (99.90%, 1998-2004)
    16. New Zealand Silver Fern (99.99%, ?)

    Lunar coins:

    1. China I series (1981-1992, 1oz only from 1988)
    2. China II series (1988-1999, piedfort)
    3. China III series (1997-2008)
    4. China II scallop series (2005-2017)
    5. Cina I fan series (2000-2011)
    6. Australia I series (1999-2010, Perth Mint)
    7. Australia II series (2008-2019, Perth Mint))
    8. Russia I series (2003-2014)
    9. Australia I series (?, Royal Australian Mint Canberra)
    10. Mongolia (?, ?)
    11. Singapore (?, ?)
    12. Niue (?, ?)
    13. Pitcairn (?, ?)

    Zodiac coins:

    1. Russia II series (2003-2004)

    Here is a link that shows some other series:
    For instance, you will discover that Bosnia has issued a 1oz silver Horse series (at least between 1994 and 1998).
  10. cecilstarcher

    cecilstarcher Junior Member

  11. Jswain0411

    Jswain0411 Member

    Thanks alot just what I was looking for appreciate the help

  12. PiVi1962

    PiVi1962 Junior Member

    A couple more silver bullion series:

    17. Andorra Aguilas (99,90%, 2008)
    18. African Ounce - Rwanda (99,90%, 2008)
    19. Cook Islands Ships (99,90%, 2009)
  13. weifin

    weifin Junior Member

    Taiwan also issues silver coins but not sure if it is annual.
  14. Fullmoonkid

    Fullmoonkid Member

    Im wondering what makes it the best ? Ive always understood the Canadian Silver maples to be the purest silver coin on the planet.
  15. cecilstarcher

    cecilstarcher Junior Member


    Not necessarily so. 99.99 is as pure as one can get no matter what the source. As long as you are buying products of major national mints there should not be a purity problem. Now for 3rd world and private mints, who knows. Some in China are knocking off all kinds of coins, flooding eBay. The best advice is buy from well known and trusted dealers if not from the mint directly where possible. Cecil
  16. Fullmoonkid

    Fullmoonkid Member

    Ok , i see Maples advertised as 99.99 pure while the eagle is 99.9 , is there a difference in purity there?
  17. cecilstarcher

    cecilstarcher Junior Member

    Silver Eagles

    No difference, both are.999.
  18. PiVi1962

    PiVi1962 Junior Member

    Proof and "non proof"

    Well, re-reading the starting message of the thread, I have seen that there is no mention of the "proof" / "non proof" issue. Since this thread is under the "Bullion Investing" forum, I have tried to stick to the "non proof" series, even if some are limited in mintage.
    One ounce silver coins are issued in "proof" series almost everywhere in the world: there are plenty of them!
  19. PiVi1962

    PiVi1962 Junior Member

    Silver Maple Leaf one ounce coins are 99,99% pure silver.
    Silver Eagle one ounce coins are 99,90% pure silver.

    Obviously, the silver content of each coin is one ounce ;)
  20. PiVi1962

    PiVi1962 Junior Member

    99999 purity

    Speaking of coins, the Royal Mint of Canada issues in bullion format 99,999% pure gold coins (so called 5x9s Maple Leaf) since 2008.
    Obviously, refining silver to that degree of purity is simply too costly for bullion coins.
  21. Fullmoonkid

    Fullmoonkid Member

    Ok , so where are we with this , conflicting opinions and information.Im leaning to what ive always thought,the Canadian Maple is purer than the Eagle.This is correct ?..or not ?
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