Good source to buy silver and gold bullion on-line?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Fender Bender, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Fender Bender

    Fender Bender Member

    Coin shops are few and far between where I live.

    Would like some recommendations on where to safely buy new bullion on-line.

    Something along the lines of new Sunshine Mint 10 oz silver bars.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Deadline

    Deadline Active Member

    JM Bullion
    SD Bulluon
    Golden state mint
    Provident metals
    Most of them have monday morning specials. Sign up for their emailings as well to catch the better deals. Deals can be had on Ebay as well. Shop around.
    There are smaller mints like Yeagers and Monarch precious metals but their premiums tend to be a little bit higher. I have ordered from all of them and they are all good to go.
  4. Fender Bender

    Fender Bender Member

    Thanks for you help. It's appreciated.
  5. Fender Bender

    Fender Bender Member

    Ordered a new Sunshine mint 10 oz silver bar from JM Bullion today. Very straight forward process.

    Interestingly, the USD price per ounce was very close to what I paid for the last silver bar I bought in 1981. I think around $15 or $20 per oz.

    I've been out of coin and PM collecting for over 30 years. It's been fun to get back into it this last month.
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  6. Deadline

    Deadline Active Member

  7. Fender Bender

    Fender Bender Member

    Oh yes, I saw the starter pack. Thanks.

    But was set on the Sunshine mint bar for now.
  8. Find Bullion Prices

    Find Bullion Prices New Member

    Depending on what you're looking for the prices for bullion can vary greatly from dealer to dealer. Often the "big 5" bullion dealers are the most expensive for specific products like ASEs, CMLs and other government backed bullion. Even the prices of generic bars and rounds can vary greatly from dealer to dealer.

    We track the prices of many of the top products sold by 25 bullion dealers to help you find the best prices. There are several online dealers that sell up to 10 oz of silver at spot price, one per household.

    Check us out and let us know if there's something specific that you're interested in purchasing and we can add the product to our price tracking.

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  9. Deadline

    Deadline Active Member

    Meh, searching out the deals is part of the thrill. Its the hunt for the perfect bar, coin and price that makes it interesting.
  10. SilverMike

    SilverMike Well-Known Member

    If you like 10 oz. bars, Silver Gold Bull has some interesting ones. They occasionally run a ten ounce bar at spot as a promotion.
  11. ro2835

    ro2835 Junior Member

    I buy most of my raw silver bullion from Modern Coin Mart. The shipping is free and I have been able to get a nice collection of world silver coin.
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