Good deals on gold/silver coins and bars ?

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    SILVER E C-C Junior Member

    I thought that I would start a thread on good deals that you find on gold/silver coins or bars, after all we all like a decent deal. I would not expect posts to down grade any listing as prices around or great country do vary, just list what you think is a good deal from a seller so all of us collectors can decide whether or not to make a purchase. :) It could be anything from pucks to world silver or gold coins ;) thanks for any participation in this thread. OK I'll start, I have mentioned this before in another thread. :rolleyes:
    Modern Coin Mart

    2013W Reverse Proof 69 NGC Early Release @ $69 free shipping

    2013W Reverse Proof 69 NGC Black Core @ $69 free shipping
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    SILVER E C-C Junior Member

    2013 MS70 $5 Gold Eagle $189.49 free shipping

    2006W $10 Gold Eagle MS70 $520.95 free shipping

    These are CC prices, wire transfers are a little less.
  4. Tinpot

    Tinpot Well-Known Member

    Provident Metals, 10 oz silver bars .79 over spot per oz in any quantity
    4.95 shipping on all orders through September
  5. jenniferakre01

    jenniferakre01 New Member

    Gold is money. Everything else is credit.
    We know the current world economic situation is dire and nothing is being done that can really correct it. What is the best way to play this situation with your wealth?
    Taking physical delivery of Gold and Silver is the option.
    Question mainly arises is from where to buy. Now it is available online very easily.

    SILVER E C-C Junior Member

    Buy from reputable dealers or ebay sellers with high feedback. I like to buy the actual gold/silver and store it in a safety deposit box at the bank, I stick with buying mostly Gold Eagles and Pamp Gold Bars.

    I do not know what ratio of Gold/ Silver or Stocks/Bonds/Cash that you would like to have, every one is different. I just think that a person should own some Gold/Silver in there holding's.
  7. AHPDit

    AHPDit New Member

    Provident Metals - Zombie Bucks......Cool Fun Silver Round
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