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    This is copied from Goldback website which was easier than me trying to explain it. It's the same for each of the 5 states:

    1. What’s an “Alpha Series”?
    The Goldback Alpha Series are limited first edition collectibles. Recognizable by the Greek letter Alpha, the series is among the most coveted, sought-after and rare products produced by Goldback Inc.

    2. What makes them different?
    The Wyoming Alpha Series Goldbacks are made in the same fashion as regular Goldbacks using proprietary vacuum deposition technology. The small difference is the limited first edition trademark through the Greek Letter Alpha. This is printed next to the year on the face of each Alpha Series Goldback. The exclusive Alpha Series minting occurs only once for each state exponentially escalating overall value and demand.

    3. How many of them have been produced?

    The Wyoming Alpha Series is a rare collectible. Only a few of them have been manufactured. For specific metrics on this state’s series, there are 32000 1s, 6400 5s, 3200 10s, 1280 25s, 1280 50s. As such only 1280 full sets will ever be available from Goldback Inc.

    4. Will other states eventually get an Alpha Series?
    The Alpha series will be utilized in each state that will be released as their official first edition Goldback. Also, there may be some rumors about one day having an Omega series to cap off a state… Whether or not existing states (Utah, Nevada & New Hampshire) will receive their own alphas will be released soon.
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