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    Giddy Up!

    I am celebrating my first year on CT with the following contest which gives me the opportunity to show my thanks to this great community.

    NOTE: This contest required pre-registration in this thread prior to 6/16/2010 at 11:59 pm (ET). Only those members who pre-registered are now eligible for the prize(s) to be awarded in this contest provided they successfully complete the contest per the rules stated in the previous thread (link at bottom of this post).

    Congratulations and welcome eligible contestants to Krispy's One-Year CT Anniversary Contest.


    So what is it with these horsey terms? And what is the era of history surrounding our historical personage and just who is this person?

    Below you will find the 10 questions that you are charged with answering by Sunday, 6/20/2010 at 11:59 pm (ET). In these questions you will find the answers to the theme of the contest and perhaps even learn a few obscure historical bits of trivia you may not have known about beforehand.

    I hope I've sufficiently built up your anticipation and likewise manage to challenge your skills at answering the questions.

    The contest begins now!
    Good luck and Giddy Up!

    1) Name the sculptor of the equestrian statue of General Ulysses S. Grant as pictured on this post card.


    For the curious: This is a period post card by the Souvenir Post Card Co., New York [Printed in Germany] It was sent from Brooklyn, NY to Elkhart, Illinois. It bears a Series 1902 Benjamin Franklin 1¢ US Postage Stamp cancelled in Brooklyn, NY Sta. on February 6th, 1909 at 7:30 pm.

    2) What organization commissioned this equestrian statue of General Grant?

    3) The above statue is located in Brooklyn, NY. Please give the name of the streets that intersect the location of this statue?

    4) The artist/sculptor of this statue realized the importance and personal relationship of horses in General Grant's life and career. The horse in this statue is not merely a part of the pedestal on which Grant is seated but rather the horse and rider are represented in a very naturalistic manner together as one. Both horse and rider's accurate postures reinforce this natural and realistic stance.

    At the time of this statues creation, while underway in the artist's studio, what untried/innovative method did the sculptor employ to achieve this lifelike quality of representation?

    Hint: Question #4 may prove difficult to answer as little has been written about this aspect of the statue's creation. Contestants are directed to a publication from the year 1900 available online in Google Books.

    5) Grant grew up on a farm and was around horses since a very young age. He excelled in horsemanship at West Point Academy and rode throughout his military career during the Civil War. Over the course of his life he owned many horses. Some of these horses were gifts, some were imported Arabian stallions, some he won or took under his care during military campaigns and he was even known to have bought a horse to save it from being destroyed and rendered.

    Which is not a name of one of Grant's horses?

    A. York
    B. Carbon
    C. Jack
    D. Fox
    E. Kangaroo
    F. Cincinnati
    G. Egypt
    H. Butcher Boy
    I. Leopard
    J. Linden Tree
    K. Jeff Davis
    L. Methuselah
    M. Rondy

    6) In the years prior to the Civil War, Grant was primarily a farmer. The cabin that Grant built himself, for he and his wife soon after they were married in 1848, is preserved in its original location within a well known animal sanctuary in St. Louis, Missouri.

    Aside from the exotic wildlife of the animal sanctuary, what particular breed of well known horses are stabled on this property?

    Hint: They symbolize a major local brand.

    7) Where did General Lee surrender to General Grant to officially end the Civil War?

    Be specific. The name of the State alone will not be an acceptable answer.

    8) What one particular clause, related to the theme of these questions, was requested by General Lee and accepted by General Grant, as a term of surrender of Lee's Army to Grant at the end of the Civil War?

    9) Which horse is Grant most often depicted with (in drawings, reliefs, statues, etc.), such as in the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial, located on the Mall in Washington, D.C., at the base of Capitol Hill?

    Hint: The horse's name is in the list of names in question #5.

    10) Who designed the 1922 Grant Centennial Gold Dollar Commemorative Coin and how was this person related to another famous U.S. coin designer?


    CONTESTANTS PLEASE REMEMBER, Answers must be sent by Private Message only.

    Any answers posted publicly will end the contest and no prizes will be awarded.

    For quick reference:
    Contest Rules & The list of eligible contestants

    Got questions about the contest? Find a question phrased in a particularly confusing manner? Post your questions in this thread and I will try to answer them publicly to benefit everyone while you work on the questions.
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  3. FreakyGsMom

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    P.M. sent! Thank you for the contest! :thumb:
  4. commidaddy

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    pm sent, i know i'm not eligible but it looked fun:)
  5. conpewter

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    Sent a PM as well, thank you!
  6. green18

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    PM sent. Had a "hair pulling" good time....:smile

    Thanks for the contest Chris.
  7. Yacorie

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    PM Sent. Thanks for the opportunity
  8. PeacePeople

    PeacePeople Wall St and stocks, where it's at

    PM sent, please let me know if not received, as for some reason I got logged out while typing answers.

    Thank you.
  9. krispy

    krispy krispy

    PM's I have received as of this posting:

    commidaddy (not eligible for award / playing for fun)
  10. sunflower

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    I missed out. -- Just wanted to congratulate you on your one year CT anniversary. ---
  11. krispy

    krispy krispy

  12. green18

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    Still the "travelin' man" Chris?
  13. krispy

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    No sir. Back in the city. :)
  14. chip

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    I will have to dust off my copy of Grants autobiography and see if I can find some of the answers there, BTW Grants memoirs are considered one of the finest memoirs ever written by a military leader.
  15. green18

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    Had enough of those Chicago bagels have you old fellow.....:smile
  16. krispy

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    "There's no place like home."
  17. green18

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    Great contest old fellow. I really learned a great deal......:smile Not so much about Generals, but more about sculptors. Facinating....
  18. krispy

    krispy krispy

    Glad to hear it! I'm happy to see folks have gotten right into the details, like the topic and have been sending in their PMs. :)
  19. richarrb

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    Sorry that I missed the deadline but I enjoyed researching the answers. I can't wait to see if my answers are correct. Thanks for the contest I can't wait to see another one. Congrat's on the one year with Ct.
  20. FreakyGsMom

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    It was a great contest, I found myself reading for an hour about Grant AFTER I had PM'd you the answers to the contest questions!

    Thanks again for the contest Chris!
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