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    Gift Ideas for Young Investors


    One of the best lessons you can teach your children—or any youngsters in your life—is how to save and invest. This skill provides kids and young adults a means for thinking ahead and planning for their financial future, which has become increasingly more important in today’s economy.

    Precious metals make a great addition to any investment plan; and as a bonus, kids tend to grasp onto concepts better when they have something tangible to go along with it. After all, wouldn’t it be easier to teach kids about saving money by placing silver coinsdirectly into their hands rather than pushing numbers around on a monitor?

    Fortunately, it can be really easy to get kids excited about precious metals and saving. When they get to see and touch bullion products—especially those with fun, engaging designs—it opens their eyes to many new opportunities. Below, you’ll find a list of bullion products that are likely to capture the attention of children, helping you chose smart gifts for your young investor.

    I kind of agree, I gave nephews all 1/4 ounce Eagles for Xmas back about 10 years ago. And grandkids 1/2 ounce they all still have them and ask me now and then if they are worth more now? That's re popped silver. Not gold eagles.
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