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    AAA Historical Americana - World Exonumia

    "Exonumia: Tokens and Medals, badges and ribbons including World Fair items and Political Americana, celluloid buttons cello advertising buttons, fraternal, Franklin Mint ®* and other Modern Mint items such as medals, bars and plates. Countermarked coins and counterstamped coins featuring the Brunk Collection, plus chopmarks. Civil War Tokens and Hard Times Tokens plus Civil War Dog Tags, military Indian trader and post trader, some Military orders and decorations, and military reunion items such as G.A.R.: the Grand Army of the Republic, Union of Confederate Veterans, Woman's Relief Corps and Sons of Union Veterans. Publishers of Sutler Paper Money, sutler tokens. Buying and selling Slave Tags or Slave Hire Badges, Slavery Medals and Tokens or Anti-Slavery items. Fraternal material includes Masonic medals and tokens and medals, BPOE, FOE, AOUW, ANA, IOOF, KKK (Ku Klux Klan), others. U.S. Mint Medals includes Indian Peace Medals, other modern mint medals, Washingtonian medals, Washington medals. Pin-Back buttons or celluloid pin-backs sold, plus celluloid advertising mirrors (pocket mirrors) or paperweight mirrors."

    AAA Historical Americana -
    World Exonumia



    "A warm welcome to this website, which contains a large selection of commemorative and historical medals, as well as portrait reliefs, cameos and related objects. All items are for sale, except those listed on the Archive page. To see a full description of what is available and the price, simply click on Medals & Medallic Art in the menu on the left-hand side, and once there click on its title or yellow link. The Archive is the depository for items that have been sold and are no longer available."

    " have been dealing in commemorative and historical medals and related works of art since 1970 and have written widely on the subject. The first book, a catalogue of British medals and their values, was published in 1987 and received the Mishler Prize from the Token and Medal Society of America. Subsequent books include a catalogue of the medallic portraits of the Duke of Wellington and a monograph on the Pingos, a family of eighteenth-century engravers and medal makers. This work was recognized with the presentation of the 2002 Carl W.A. Carlson Award by Medal Collectors of America.

    I am a member of the British Art Medal Society, the British Numismatic Society and the Royal Numismatic Society, and have served on each as a member of Council. I am an elected Fellow of both the Society of Antiquaries and the Royal Society of Arts. The professional trade organizations to which I belong are the British Numismatic Trade Association and the International Association of Professional Numismatists."



    Jetons: Their Use and History

    "Jetons or counters were used as calculation instruments in Europe in the middle ages. According to medieval taste, they were always decorated. These decorations always had a purpose, sometimes religious, but usually related to the user or the principal. In the 16th century, jetons were mostly used to propagate political messages and to glorify the deeds of the ruler. There was such a great need to make propaganda through jetons that they continued to be struck long after jetons ceased to be used as counters. In France and in the Netherlands this new image of the jeton began about the end of the 16th century. The jeton became a small commemorative medal only suitable as a collectors item. The development in Germany was slightly different. In the course of the 17th century the counters became smaller and smaller, for little by little they were only used as chips for card-playing. Real jetons are metallic thin flat discs and are struck like coins. The differences from coins are: the metal is generally copper or brass and seldom silver. Gold jetons are very rare. The measure is always between ca. 20 mm and ca. 28 mm. Smaller or larger pieces cannot be used as reckoning counters. The relief is always low for easy pushing and making piles. (In France the jetons were mostly laid down overlapping, as shown in the figure). Jetons are not coins, so they never have an indication of value. "

    Jetons: Their Use and History


    Emergency Money and Tokens

    "Welcome on www.jetons-monnaie.net.
    I have the pleasure to present you my collection of Emergency Money and Tokens."

    Emergency coins
    Emergency paper money
    Encased postage stamps
    Tokens of gambling machines
    Tokens "Good for a listening"
    Phone tokens
    Various tokens
    Foreign tokens

    Emergency Money and Tokens


    Napoleonic Medals

    Pretty much what it says, a wonderful site for finding information & pictures on a particular Napoleonic Medal - the site also covers the coinage and paper currency of the time.

    Napoleonic Medals

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    Looks like Rich Hartzog's site is the only one that is up and running. The others are either 404 or parked.

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    Here is catalog of tokens from around the world. I've added several from my home town over the years.

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