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    The purpose of this section is to provide Coin Talk memebers and other collectors with a comprehensive group of links to various numismatic web sites that are in my opinion - informative, educational, helpful and most of all fun. It is fully searchable - just clcik on the Search This Forum button at the top of the page.

    This will be an ongoing project of mine, one that will likely never be completed. For quite simply, due to its nature, there is no way to complete something like this. I have a huge list of links that I have compiled over the years and there is no end to the amount of help they have provided me with continuing my numismatic education and the accumulation of knowledge. Web sites will never replace books, but they can be and are an important supplement to any numismatic library.

    This section of Coin Talk will be a bit different than the others. Coin Talk members will not be permitted to post here. If you have a link that you think would be useful or that should be included, please feel free to send it to me by using the Coin Talk message system. You can send them to me via email or Private Message simply by clicking on my name, GDJMSP, anyplace you find it on Coin Talk.

    I hope you use this, and I hope you enjoy it for many years to come. I did it for you ;)

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    Many times over the years since I built this section of Coin Talk I have heard from members telling me that this link or that link contained in these pages is broken or busted. You get the 4004 error in other words. OK, I understand that, and that is the nature of the internet. Web pages and often entire web sites that were functional some years ago are no longer functional. The owners of the sites may have quit paying the hosting fees, the hosting service no longer exist, the server has gone down - it could be due to a multitude of things. And I am always asked why I never take the time to fix things or at least delete all the busted links.

    Well, I'll tell you why I don't. It's because even if the link is busted that information that I liked to is still out there. And I if took the time to post it here at all, then that information is valuable and helpful to those who wish to study coins. And for those who are willing to spend a little effort, you can still access all of that information by using the Internet Archive - . Go to that link and use The Wayback Machine.
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