Do you buy Precious Metals because you don't know how to invest?

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by myownprivy, Mar 6, 2019.

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    One of the challenges I faced was that I was not always careful; to note the price I paid, then I realized, if I sold them it didn't matter what I paid, but what the buyer would pay.
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  6. masterswimmer

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  7. Kentucky

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    Yeah, but it bares repeating...:)
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  8. CasualAg$

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    I don’t “invest” in PMs, I own them. I like how they feel and look. I like having them around.

    If fiat money bites it, I’ve got some cover. Inflation like during the Carter years? Some there, too. But not much and not why I have silver and gold.

    JMHO...All “investments” are made with the permission of those controlling the markets. Whether PMs or securities or baseball cards or dog whistles in the key of Am. You can buy in or not. Either way, it’s not really a level playing field.

    I won a small bet on the Patriots super bowl win. When I get to Nevada to cash my ticket, I’m gonna get another 10 ounce British silver coin.
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  9. Mr Roots

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    I wish someone would teach me how to invest all my dividend checks. I feel like an idiot just letting them drip back into the stock.
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  10. Randy Abercrombie

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    I believe the problem with truly investing in your future is the near unlimited amount of available and conflicting information available. All those that offer information do so with their own best interests in mind.

    Now the average guy that seeks information can find himself against a roadblock. Years ago when I started business and had little, I did seek advice. Of the four planners/investors I spoke to, three of them immediately queried me on the amount I had to invest. Once they found I had little, they quickly exited the conversation...... Conversely, years later when my business had some value I found that I had to avoid constant calls from these folks. I still will not answer an unfamiliar number until I listen to the message.

    Yes, when I began with PM’s in the late 1980’s I did view them as an investment vehicle as I felt my options were quite limited as a modest income earner. Fortunately now years later they fall squarely into the hobby/pleasure part of my life.
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  11. Tokens

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    Full disclaimer: I agree with what you're saying ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.
    I noticed this a while back; that metals hoarders/fetishists tend to be unsophisticated best-case/dumb worst-case people who don't understand other, more complicated stuff associated with financial planning. Saying this comes off as 'arrogant' but is nevertheless true, regardless of the tears it causes.

    That being said, there is a third position here; that some people believe silver is cheap, has a lot of potential upside in these price ranges, the market is due to take a dump and when that happens, silver will invert.

    You recommended them putting money into CD's over silver at 15.XX an ounce? Seriously?

    Yes, I agree, indexing, so far, has been a great way to get ahead over time and a lot of people who don't understand markets tend to 'invest' in things that are more baubles than anything (a EDITED : LANGUAGE, READ THE RULES )of the 'collectibles' market is like this) but there is a rational case for metals, right now, relative to everything else. What is 'arrogant' to point out is that a lot of the people who are getting involved with metals right now have basically no clue about any of this stuff and are like the addicts who bought edited :LANGUAGE:
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  12. Randy Abercrombie

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    Just a word amongst friends here..... The powers that be frown upon colorful language as this place is frequented by young members. How bout go clean up a coupla words in your post before you get dinged.
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  13. TheFinn

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    Do you "invest", whatever that means, because you don't know how to buy precious metals?
  14. Tokens

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    Buying precious metals requires absolutely no skill or knowledge, which is precisely why certain people do it.
  15. myownprivy

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  17. JPeace$

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    I purchase precious metals because I like them. I invest in stocks, mutual funds and ETF's.
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  18. longnine009

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    The problem isn't lack of sophistication on the part of stackers--as if sophistication is required to fill out some forms and write a check for a mutual fund.

    The problem is metals are swaps against the status quo, institutions, the Zombie Fulfillment Center (aka federal reserve), governments and oh yeah that lovely green meadow with frolicking unicorns and fluttering butterflies, forever dude.

    And it just ticks these people off to no end.

    Which is why it's so hilarious to hear them cloak their hatred for metals as some humanistic effort to save us from ourselves.
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    BULLHOCKEY..... It does take some skill and knowledge when purchasing metals.. Since joining here I have read and read some threads of interests...…….. and did gain more knowledge and skill when looking at the COINS.. SO that remark is not entirely a true statement...…. but a bullion
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  20. Tokens

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    I see.
    So what's your allocation into metals (% wise), what's your exit point and why?
  21. Tokens

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    How am I a "bullion hater" when I'm literally a bullion buyer?
    There is no 'skill' to simply aimlessly buy metal. Zero.
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