Damage or Oxidation to Silver Coin

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by FryDaddyJr, Feb 1, 2020.

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    It is toning. Remove it with a coin dip. I agree with @Suarez it is interaction with Sulphur, most likely paper but any paper source. Fresh silver is very susceptible to this.

    Its pretty black, you better hope its still what I call "shiny black" toning which will most of the time not leave behind damage. "Matte black" almost always means the surface underneath will be damaged by the corrosion.

    I would grab some coin dip, grab junk silver, and play with time-strength. A good dip should be something just strong enough to remove the toning and not any stronger. Coin dip by definition removes a thin layer of surface metal. Done right no one knows, overdipped and the coin will lose its luster.
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  4. -jeffB

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    Not to be too pedantic in turn -- oh, what the heck, I'm being pedantic. :rolleyes:

    Oxidation doesn't just mean "combining with oxygen". Oxygen, sulfur, and chlorine can each oxidize silver. They combine with the silver to form a compound where the silver has a positive charge (has lost electrons). That disrupts the metallic surface -- instead of being part of the surface, those silver atoms are now stuck in compounds.

    You can reduce the silver, turning it back into silver metal, but you can't put it back in the same place on the surface that it came from. Most dips don't do that anyhow -- instead, they take away the silver that's already reacted, along with the stuff it's reacted with. Many dips will also remove more metal from the surface, especially if you use them too long, or at the wrong strength, or without removing/neutralizing them afterward.
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    Thanks for correcting me Jeff, I didn't know this bit :- )
  6. -jeffB

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    And thanks for your patience. I suppose I'll always be a frustrated professor. :rolleyes:
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    ...so much wrong on the net, and so little time to set them straight...
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    I try to stay away from the laptop after 11 or so, late-night light exposure and all that. If I'm still on afterward, my wife will frequently ask "Is someone wrong on the Internet?"
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    This comic is exactly what I thought of when @Kentucky posted, so glad you posted it. I think we all get to that some days, hopping from place to place to "correct" people, when so so many do not wish to be corrected, (or correct for that matter). Knowledge seems to be disdained nowadays, (and yes, that statement unfortunately applies to both political parties).
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