Counterfeit Maple Leafs Detected

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by ValpoBeginner, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter

    Just FYI: Some 2013 Canada Maple leaf $5 Silver Bullion Coins have been detected...


    Coin World reports:

    counterfeit 2013 Canadian Maple Leaf silver $5 bullion coin struck on a silver-plated base metal planchet, by dies that were hand-cut.

    Images by Brian Kent courtesy of ANACS.
    Images to be posted after work later on.
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  3. Dillan

    Dillan The sky is the limit !

    Thanks for the warning, I sold all my Maple leafs a while back , but a friend has a pile I will let him know. Always somebody looking to take advantage of honest people for their cash.
  4. Insider

    Insider Talent on loan from...

    IMAGE or Link?
  5. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter

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  6. Dillan

    Dillan The sky is the limit !

    Thanks for your posting. I took some time , my friend and myself , went through the pile of Maple Leafs he owns. Happy to say that all were good . My friend is getting on like most of us , and does not see as well any longer. He thanked me , and in return , I thank you. It would have been a sad day , years down the road once he left these to his Grandchildren , to find out some were bogus. On behalf of my buddy , and myself , Thanks again for bringing this type of important information to everyone's attention. P.S. My friend had 40--2013--5 dollar Maple Leafs ,the same as the ones in your posting.
  7. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter

    Very happy to help out. I really believe in this community looking out for each other's best interests. Very thankful to the author at Coin World who wrote the advisory article informing us of this.
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  8. desertgem

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  9. ValpoBeginner

    ValpoBeginner Well Known Supporter

  10. rte

    rte Well-Known Member

    Whatever your buying, it pays to check for authentication when you get it home IF you don't CHECK before the sale.
    We had a guy come to a local coin club meeting with a bunch of silver coins he collected in Mexico over the years.
    He and everyone else at the meeting were surprised to see that 5 of the 9 silver un peso's stuck to a magnet.
    I bought the other 4.
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