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    "CoinNet has been the premiere online service for dealer-to-dealer trading since 1982."

    "CoinNet is the original, the oldest and the largest electronic coin dealer-to-dealer network in the world--billions of dollars worth of coins, paper money, numismatic supplies, and memorabilia have been bought and sold using CoinNet."

    "Each CoinNet member has a "virtual" coin show on CoinNet where they can buy and sell coins wholesale directly to other dealers."

    "CoinNet also increases sales by connecting dealers with collectors worldwide. Through CoinNet, collectors have access to all the collectibles, numismatic items, and currency available on the dealer pages, making it an ideal resource for collectors."



    Certified Coin Exchange

    Ever wish you knew what your coin dealer is paying for coins that he sells to you ? Well you can, all you have to do is become an associate member of the Certified Coin Exchange. The CCE is an on-line trading network used by major dealers in the United States to buy and sell coins to each other. And you can participate.

    "Currently there are over 100,000 bid and ask prices on CCE, and live trading occurs electronically between 12:00 and 5:00 Eastern Time. Bids/Asks are posted for PCGS, NGC, ANACS and ICG certified graded coins. There are over 150 Member Firms who have the capability to place bid/ask prices and to execute trades against these prices. Over 275 more Associate Members subscribe to view CCE prices and either trade based on these prices with other dealers, or propose transactions to the Member Firms who are posting these prices."

    Certified Coin Exchange

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    I would like to add Rare Coins of New Hampshire to the list - How can it be done? the link is
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    This is an old thread, but go check out the directory at the top of the screen.

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    You just did.
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  7. Could you link to our site as well? We may be biased but we pride ourselves on a reputation of being ethical, honest, and trustworthy.
    In the coming weeks we are looking to more directly establish a relationship with collectors :)
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