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    Catman -

    There's probably only a handful of members still active on this forum who will recognize Steve Kaden's user name for he left us in Jan. 2006. But Steve, well, he was just one of those guys that ya can't ever forget. Outgoing, friendly to a fault, quite knowledgeable and always willing to help another collector.

    I first got to know him through the old Coin World forum which pretty much predated all other coin forums. Then I got to know him better through WINS (World Internet Numismatic Society). We used to meet up at the coin shows held out west, Steve lived in Vegas, and he always had a table at the shows. At the end of the day I'd go to his home and we'd talk about coins late into the night, then back to the show again in the morning.

    Steve was one of those guys who you just couldn't help but sit and talk to. Some the experiments he conducted with toning were among the earliest done, some lasted over 20 years. And back then, most people weren't even aware he was doing it. But he was, and much of what we know today on this subject is a result, both direct and indirect, of his work, his study. On one of my visits to his home he decided to end one of those experiments just so I could view the results with him. He brought out rolls of Lincolns that he'd put away 20 years previously and opened them up - each and every coin was as pristine as the day he put them away when they were brand new. I've posted about that experience several times over the years.

    But as happens all too often those who matter are taken from us too soon. Steve was one of those guys. We made note of his passing at the time.

    And now, perhaps this thread will serve as a reminder for those who were lucky enough to know him, and as a notice for those who didn't. You are missed my friend, you are missed.
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  3. David Eugene Swiger

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    I know how it is to lose someone (a friend), that is just always there when you least expect them. These kinds of friends and few and far between. So sorry for your lose.
  4. Indianhead65

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    I remember Catman....

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