Bullion vs numismatics

Discussion in 'Bullion Investing' started by Jason.A, Aug 5, 2017.

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    I collect PAMP and Credit Suisse bullion. I think they are pretty cool looking and if I get hit by a car my next of kin can liquidate them pretty easily. To reiterate what others have said... to each his or her own.

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    I just bought a Spider Man Coin. It's minted by a Government Technically and I paid $29.00 for it on Saturday. I don't see a lot of movement on price compared to spot so I would definatley consider this a collectible coin with numismatic value not a bullion piece. Now I recently bought some Darth Vader Coins too. Once again, government coin not private mint. I would consider it collectible with numismatic value. ASE's same thing because the older they are they have a somewhat higher premium over spot. Now when you get to private mints it gets tricky. Remember Zombucks? The first one issued costs $60.00 now. Is it still bullion or what? I think what a good indicator for simple bullion vs. collectible coin with numismatic value is whether you see the things get graded or not. I saw Zombucks coming back with NGC grades on them so that might be a way to look at them.

    *Note, the Spider Man and Darth Vaders were for gifts. I am collecting the ASE's to make the entire set. I am not buying silver for investment purposes for now. I think I can do better with my resources. I will buy bullion for collecting reasons. That should also help answer the question in this thread. It's kind of subjective.
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